Trench Grates

Trench Grates


There are so many different styles, materials and types of trench grates out there.  Let’s take a look at which ones to use and what some of the differences are.  Generally speaking, trench grates are furnished in cast iron, ductile iron, mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, plastic, copper and bronze.  They have various differences from tensile strength, durability, reactivity and oxidation potential.  Cast iron grates are strong and durable but are more prone to rust compared to stainless steel.  Cast iron grates are often coated with black anti-rust paint.  Ductile iron grates are stronger than cast iron grates as they have more ductility on the chemical level.  Galvanized steel have anti rust measures and look more aesthetically pleasing than cast iron.  Plastic are lightweight, easy to install and functional.  They have a lower load bearing than their metallic counterparts but their ease of use make them a go to for some residential applications.  Copper and bronze look nicer so they are used in projects where aesthetics are of importance.  We stock and carry various trench grates.  Some of the more well known manufacturers are Neenah Foundry, East Jordan, NDS, Josam, Amercast, Swiftdrain among others.

When considering which trench grates to get there are a few things to consider.

  • Load Bearing- how much weight do you need the grates to take
  • Environment- will there be extreme temperatures or chemicals that will be spilled on the grates
  • Aesthetics- Are the grates being placed in an area that you want to look nice? Such as a driveway or fountain
  • Material- What material do you want the grates to be


When installing trench grates, the traditional way is with a monolithic concrete pour. Grates are placed in frames or rails and put on concrete channels.  This gives the contractor more customization with slope and placement.  More recently, HDPE, plastic and fabricated concrete have been getting more and more popular.  Both have their benefits.

Trench grates also have different slot styles depending on the application.  For pedestrian applications, Trench grates can be furnished ADA (American with Disabilities Act) which means the slot holes are smaller than ¼” large.  Slot styles can be a bit larger when there is higher expected water flow that is anticipated. Bar grating can also be used for perimeters and have bear higher loads.

When designing the trench drain system take into consideration:

  •  the amount of corners needed
  • placement of catch basins
  • slope

At Trench Drain Materials we furnish various styles of trench grates in various materials.  Reach out to us to find the right product for your job requirement. We have the lowest prices and fastest turn around in the country. Free nationwide shipping!

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