The Importance of Brewery Trench Drain Systems

When it comes to a stainless steel trench system, there is no question that reputed and professional brewers know the amount money that can be saved managing their water wastage situation on a yearly basis. There is no doubt that professionally designed drainage systems significantly enhance the efficiency of the volume of the water that is wasted. That combined with the costs for labor, equipment, cleaning and maintenance – brewing companies can save a lot in these extra costs.

There are a total of five areas in a brewing factory that needs a topnotch brewery trench drain systems. These are:

  • The warehouse
  • Testing region
  • Brewery house
  • Bottling region
  • Fermentation area

When you look at it from a broader perspective, each one these areas in the factory require an efficiently and effectively installed drainage system. Now, the only decision to be made is whether or not you require a linear system for drainage or a stand-alone installation, which is generally a floor drain.  

When it comes to standalone drainage systems, pot drains can be quite effective, they don’t cost that much – however, these drains can only be installed where the floor is a bit slopped in more than one direction, with each direction linking with separate drains. For a brewery this isn't an optimal option as the consistent alterations in flooring of the room can destroy your equipment because it is installed in a leaned position, adding the risk of injury to your workers, especially when they are working on surfaces that aren't geometrically even.


Grated Brewery Build Out

The brewery trench drain systems for this industry are a linear system. You can install two types of widely used trench drain systems – slot drains and grated drains. Grated trenches are designed to envelope a trench cut totaling 6 inches to 12 inches.

The best part about a grated drainage system is it provides a benefit for two or three-floor sloping as the floor is designed to be tilted to a specific vantage location in the factory. Moreover, these stainless steel trench drains also enable you to keep an eye on everything that is flowing through them – you can sport foreign object that could cause damage. This could be daunting as these trenched are made from heavier components and materials. Plus, once you remove the drainage, your workers stand a high chance of slipping and falling.


Slot Drain Brewery Drainage

Slot drains, however, offers increased flexibility and performance advantages without any of the disadvantages you have just read about grated trenches. Moreover, slot drains for breweries are labeled Class F load, which means they are capable enough to smoothly enable heavier loads to easily cross by. On top of that, because these drain trenches do not have grates, there is no risk of damage or breakdown. Why? Well, that is primarily because of gravity. Thanks to it, all the load flows right towards the edge of the drain, collected all the wasted water in the drain trench designed directly below the surface.

Slot drains are more effective than grated systems, especially when you talk about sheer water volume.