Swiftdrain 600 Overview

Swiftdrain 600


The Swiftdrain 600 is a market leader in pre sloped trench drain systems. Intuitively designed with longevity, functionality and durability in mind. This system is the preferred choice for all manner of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal drainage. The 6 inch wide channel system is made of pre sloped and neutral channels designed to ensure optimal flow rates.

In particular these drains are considered ideal for commercial projects, on account of these hdpe trench drains being functional, cost effective, durable and customizable These drains boast a high standard for chemical and load resistance. Builders, architects, designers and town planners opt for this line for commercial projects time and time again.


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Advantages of the Swiftdrain 600

Ease of Installation


The fact that the 600 series is composed of light weight plastic components, makes installing them extremely easy. All the pieces are marked with numbers and arrows to make installation a smooth affair. The tongue and groove connections help the channels connect, even as the re-bar supports provided on the side impart stability.

The catch basin too is conveniently provided with the tongue and groove mechanism and also provides you with the option of using a trash bucket. All you need to use to have this system up and running is the screws to secure the grate and seal off the outlets not is use. That is way more convenient than installing a concrete trench drain system, both in terms of cost and speed of installation.


Multiple Grate Options


Swiftdrain 600 offers a number of grate options. These include ADA compliant options that are also heel proof. Grates come in galvanized steel, ductile iron, cast iron, stainless steel and polymer. The grates made out of plastic come in two patterns and black, white, brick red, gray, dark gray, green and sand colors. These are built to withstand pedestrian and light traffic use.

Their galvanized and stainless steel grates on the other hand are built to cope with pedestrian as well as heavy traffic. Besides, these are resist corrosion and can be easily sanitized. Such grates see use in industrial settings like those found in chemical plants and breweries. Apart from plastic and steel the 600 series also has grates made out of cast iron, ductile iron and decorative ductile iron. The cast and ductile grates in particular can be used with an optional ductile iron frame to obtain a Class D rating. These can support heavy traffic in the shape of forklifts making these just right for installation in factories, warehouses and the shipping industry.


Radius Couplings


Those who add radius couplings to their trench drain system to enable radius, perimeter and circular applications would be able to drain running tracks, and areas abutting pools and enclosures. These couplings can provide a 4 degree deflection between sections enabling you to come up with the radius that you need. As all components can be easily made to assemble, there is no need to use special tools for this.



Inline Catch Basin


Inline Catch Basins with sediment traps, strainers and debris baskets. Catch Basins are 6" wide and 28" deep. Catch Basins have 2 side outlets.


Smart Design


  • Depths from 4" - 27"
  • Brackets for rebar to prevent floating.
  • Individually numbered channels that fasten together with slip joints
  • Ductile Iron frames and grate brackets for forklift traffic.

Versatility and Robustness


The Swiftdrain 600 is the go to choice for residential projects as well as the commercial, industrial and municipal ones on account of their versatility as well as robustness. These drains are designed to handle large water flow volumes and loads equaling as much as class D load rating.


Light in Weight, Easy to Handle


Constructed out of HDPE, Swiftdrain 600 channels are equipped with an interlocking slip joints that help secure alignment and keep the channels running straight.  These  modular sections are easily manageable on account of being so lightweight.


Customizable For Any Size


Swiftdrain 600 trench drain solutions are available in both neutral and pre sloped variants, the latter possessing a built-in 1% slope. That apart, this trench drain system boasts of many grating options.  As Swiftdrain channel selections are available in depths that range from four to 24 inches, these can be made to serve a wide range of site requirements.


The Swiftdrain 600 is highly regarded by contractors and engineers on account of its extensive and diverse product features:

  • Dimensions- 6” wide and possessing a built-in slope of 1%.
  • Every channel section molded out of gray structural polyethylene equipped with UV inhibitors.
  • A 4.5” inside diameter and a 2.5” radius bottom.
  • Slope channels with a depth of 4”-24”
  • Freeze and thaw cycle proof and temperature resistant.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Bicycle and heel proof.
  • Easier to handle and install when compared to concrete systems.
  • Multiple channel depth.
  • Channels marked with arrows to enable easy installation.
  • You can easily join components with the help of couplers.
  • Drains come equipped with end of outlet or built-in bottom outlet.
  • Universal catch basin.
  • Multiple grating options that are ADA compliant and Heel Proof
  • Decorative grates in 10 different variants
  • Blank grate inserts that don’t require plywood to be used. Besides, there are slides facilitating overlapping of channel sections (also provided with grate screws).
  • Provided with a counter directional fall of up to 200’ which is extendable up to 829’ with the addition of neutrals.


A Leader in Pre Sloped Trench Drains


Swiftdrain is an innovator par excellence when it comes exterior surface drainage products. The 600 in essence is a high quality structural high density polyethylene trench drain system incorporating the best hydraulic as well as chemical resistance attributes. The Swiftdrain 600 trench drain is ideal for driveways, warehouses, parking areas, gas stations, loading docks, patios, marinas and so on.

Given its stellar reputation across industries, the Swiftdrain 600 is a natural choice for builders, architects, designers and town planners. These trench drain systems are the go to choice due to its cost, longevity, versatility, ease of installation and maintenance. Considering that a trench drain system is a long term investment, it makes sense to go for a system that is built to last. View technical specifications here.


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