Load Rating

Load rating was made to indicate how much weight or load the grates can withstand without being damaged or becoming warped.

Whether it’s a few feet of replacement grates or a 300+ foot project of a sloped system, we have you covered.

We’re the fastest and most cost effective and we can’t wait to prove it to you.

There are 6 classes within the DIN 19580 international guideline.

> 160psi
3,337 lbs
Load Class A

1-160 PSI Residential,pedestrian, and bike trafic

> 175psi
28,100 lbs
Load Class B

61-175 PSI Residential and Light commercial, Sidewalks curbs, driveways and parking lots

> 325psi
56,200 lbs
Load Class C

175-325 PSI Residential, Commercial and Municipal Sidewalks curbs, Parking Lots

> 525psi
89,920 lbs
Load Class D

326-525 PSI Commercial, Municipal Highways, Roadways, Warehouses, Causeways

> 600psi
134,800 lbs
Load Class E

525-650+ PSI Industrial areas, Frok-lifts, Ports, Docks


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