Trench Drains For Loading Docks

A few things should be considered

…when working out the right specifications for loading dock drainage.
  • How much water flow is expected to be drained?
  • How much heavy traffic is expected? Whether it’s heavy trucks or forklifts.
  • Which width of the grates do you have to use?

Generally speaking

Loading docks apply a grate with a H20 or H25 load bearing class D or E. If there is a lot of expected forklift traffic use a class E load bearing. Loading docks typically use 12” or 14” wide cast iron trench grates.

When choosing a trench drain for loading docks ask yourself first

  • Do the grates need to be ADA (Americans with disabilities act)?
  • How heavy does the load bearing of the grates need to handle?
  • Which grate style do you need?

Swiftdrain 300 Series

Heavy Duty polymer concrete trench drains with ductile iron grates to achieve maximum load bearing and durability. Fork lift and heavy truck rated.