Trench Drains For Kennels

Safe, Clean, Simple & Affordable Kennel Drainage

Adequate Kennel Drainage is important for the health, well-being and safety of dogs, animals and kennel employees alike. Kennel trench drains are linear drainage applications used to collect washdown and animal waste and convey it in a simple, clean and sanitary way. Ideally, kennels will have a trench drain that allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.

More importantly, the grates should be Paw Proof, meaning the the slots are smaller than 1/4" x 1/4" so animals can safely travel over the grates without being caught. Drain animal debris but not your wallet. HDPE or plastic solutions are idea to keep the animal safe and allow for fast and easy cleaning of the area. Kennel trench drains are used in animal enclosures, veterinarian offices and other facilities catering toward animals.



Polymer Paw Proof Grates
Stainless Steel Paw Proof Grates


Swiftdrain Kennel Drain 600

  • Intuitive Design
  • 6" wide pre sloped polymer channels
  • paw proof polymer grates
  • interlocking channels
  • attachments for rebar
  • slip joints
  • variety of grate options
  • comes with end cap, end outlet and optional catch basin
  • extendable to 160 feet of continuous slope.



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