Trench Drains For Kennels

When choosing the right trench drains you want to make sure you don’t hurt our animal friends

Kennels require trench drains that allow for easy cleaning and grates where the slots are small enough so our animal friends’ paws don’t get caught. You want to drain animal debris and waste but not your wallet. HDPE or plastic solutions are idea to keep the animal safe and allow for fast and easy cleaning of the area. Kennel trench drains are used in animal enclosures, veterinarian offices and other facillities catering toward animals.

Recommendations for kennels

The main considerations for kennel trench drains are slope, width and slot style. A pre sloped trench drain helps water flow from the entry point to the pipe outlet or catch basin. Strainers, Debris Baskets and other accessories can be used to catch debris and fur from entering the water system. Most kennel drains are 4" or 6" wide. The kennel drain is composed of a polymer channel, polymer paw proof grate, end cap and end outlet. Channels can be configured for right angles and corner junctions.


Swiftdrain Kennel Drive

  • Intuitive design
  • 6" wide pre sloped polymer channels
  • paw proof polymer grates
  • interlocking channels
  • attachments for rebar
  • slip joints
  • variety of grate options
  • comes with end cap, end outlet and optional catch basin
  • extendable to 160 feet of continuous slope.



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