Trench Drains For Golf Courses

Surface and below the surface drainage is crucial for a well executed golf course plan

An efficient drainage system maintains the integrity of the golf course. Pooling and accumulation of water can degrade the course over time and inhibit golf course play. A good system drains and diverts away from the play areas.

Things to think about

Where should the water go?

Should the water go to an existing drain or back into ponds and into proper recycling of the water system.

How much water flow is expected?

Larger courses see water upwards of 1 million gallons a year. That’s a lot of water. This water shouldn’t be wasted and should be put back into the drainage system by proper design.

Our Recommendations

For golf courses we recommend a cast iron grate that bear the weight of golf carts. We would recommend 4” and 5” and up. A cast iron grate can be used on a polymer concrete body. Systems can be sloped or non sloped. The pitch and curved landscape of a golf course may leave heavy rain fall to build up in certain areas. Trench drain systems can be used to divert water out of the area of play. Decorative grates can also be used with designer finishes to give the course an aesthetic appeal.

When looking at the course, note peaks, valleys, slopes and ponds

…keep in mind that the surface dictates how water will flow and collect and different surfaces drain differently. Sand, green and pitch all drain differently. Water can be diverted from play areas by using swales. The water will ideally flow into a catch basin where debris would be filtered barring any entrance to the irrigation system.

600 Series Trench Drain

The 600 series trench drain is an all purpose trench drain with polymer pre sloped channels. Grates come in cast iron, steel and polymer. Couplings can be used to form a radius.