Trench Drains For Courtyards

When finding a drainage solution for a courtyard a few things are generally kept in mind

Most importantly projects want to be aesthetically pleasing. In areas with large pedestrian foot traffic, not only should they look nice but be ADA and heel proof compliant. Heel proof grates are grates in which the slots are less than 3/8” in diameter. Manufacturers are shifting away from traditional cast iron and plastic grates to more decorative metals such as bronze and aluminum. Giving nice accents to streets and courtyards.

Courtyard systems can be radius (in a circle) or linear

Think about how many corners the job calls for if any. These systems can be sloped or non sloped. Depending how much water is expected, 4” wide grates and up should do the trick.

Courtyard trench grates can be entire systems or just the grates

Different finishes such as decorative grates, bronze, galvanized steel, ductile iron, rusted, painted can be considered. Different decorative grates with ranging from artistic to flower designs. Courtyard grates can also be ADA. Whatever your project calls for, give us a shout and we’ll find a solution that works for you.