Swiftdrain R-600 Radius Trench Drain System

Swiftdrain R-600 Radius Trench Drain System

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6″ Wide Radius Trench Drain

Best in class HDPE radius trench drain system.

Utilizes flexible radius couplings to achieve the tightest curves and turns.
Suitable  for tracks, ice rinks, tennis courts, pools, fountains, and any radial or circular application.

The R 600 radius trench drain system uses a combination of linear channels and flexible radius couplings to achieve curvature‘s around radius terrains and site conditions

A Radius trench drain is a cost-effective way to allow the collected water to drain. It also provides an attractive option to the otherwise unattractive pools do you still of water. They are available in four foot long sections that are smooth and curved in order to concur with any size of boundary.




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What is a Radial Trench Drain?


Radial trench drains are made to be fitted to a variety of lengths, slopes, curvatures/radius, depth, and width. To provide an appearance that is sleek these trench lines have little reveal. Making them perfect for hardscapes.


Available in a number of depths and sizes, trench drains may be covered with a variety of gratings. These gratings let the water continue to flow at different speeds into the drain.


Where are they used?


A trench drain can be used for commercial or residential areas.  If the water volume is high, trench drains are easy to clean and maintain.


How are they configured?


Trench drains allow the drainage of water on surfaces that are elongated. For instance, underneath the roof edge that has no gutters, a driveway, sidewalk, or other place water collects.


How deep should the drain channel be?


When you are digging a drain channel, it needs to have enough depth for there to be 2 inches of sand beneath it. In addition, it needs to be at least four inches wide, to permit each side to have a concrete backfill.


Can a channel drain be installed in the gravel?


Gravel driveways are dissimilar to concrete driveways in they do not need a channel drain. Alternatively, the answer is to put some land drains down. Or, put some twinwall beneath the gravel. Using a French drainage system with a suitable outlet to redirect water.


Description of our product 


The material used for our Radius Trench drains is a manufactured, HDPE molded foam that has UV inhibitors. Each of the channels comes in sizes that are 48 inches long; 6 inches wide, and 3.998 to 12.062 inches deep.


Radius trench drains can handle up to 2,900 psi of compression durability. With additional stress on the material tensile of 4,550 psi. The flexural durability of material has the strength to handle 5,800 psi.


These trench drains handle weight in the range of 7.452 pounds for a shallow drainage trench. Deeper drainage trenches handle up to 16.06 pounds. With a 194 pre-sloped length for a continuous run, as well as an extra 266 feet of added neutral parts. Size of the pipe outlet fits a pipe that is 3, 4, 6, or 8 inches.


Description of the trench drainage grates


The grating of a trench drain is described as being visible. A large part of this drainage system is its durability, strength, and appearance.  A radius trench grate should be evaluated carefully as far as load class, size, slip resistance, material, and the open area goes. In order to make turns and bends in the trench, the Radius couplings are made flexible.

How the Radius Couplings are manufactured


These radius couplings are manufactured using UV inhibitors and a structural HDPE foam that is molded.  Each of the couplings has a length of 1.123 inches, and the width is 6.95 inches. They are also available with inside depths of 6.35 inches, 7.36 inches, 8.37 inches, and 9.37 inches.


Grates for the Radius Coupling


The material used for the Radius Coupling grates is a solid, plastic structural foam polyolefin. Sizes are 1.125 inches long, with a width of six inches. Colors are normally black or gray and each load is encased in concrete.


Why Radius Trench Drains are Efficient


All of our radius trench drainage products are made from a material that is durable and lightweight. In addition, we make it easy to assemble with tongue and groove joints that are interlocking. All parts on both the coupling and trench drains easily slide into place, then you simply snap together to lock.


Our trench drains have a curved radius that is quick to form, with a design that is flexible. This permits the formation of a variety of radii. You will have 72 feet of drain section when you extend it to the 3.18-degree range which is the maximum.

Radius trench drain systems are a type of linear drainage system that is designed to collect and transport surface water and other liquids. They are called “radius” trench drain systems because they are designed to be curved or rounded, allowing them to fit into specific layouts or curves in the pavement. These systems are commonly used in commercial, industrial, and residential applications, including parking lots, sidewalks, pool decks, and sports fields.

The main component of a radius trench drain system is the channel, which is typically made of materials like polymer concrete, fiberglass, or stainless steel. The channel is designed to collect and transport water and other liquids, and it is covered with a removable grate or slotted cover that allows water to enter while preventing debris from clogging the drain.

The channels of radius trench drain systems come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations. They can be straight, curved, or custom-made to fit specific layouts or designs. The channels are typically installed below the surface of the pavement or concrete, with the grate or cover flush with the surrounding surface.

In addition to the channel, radius trench drain systems also include a variety of accessories, such as end caps, outlets, and catch basins. These accessories help to improve the efficiency of the system by directing water and other liquids to the appropriate location.

One of the advantages of radius trench drain systems is that they provide an efficient and reliable solution for managing water and other liquids. They are especially useful in areas where a straight drain would be impractical or visually unappealing. The curved design allows for efficient collection and transport of water and other liquids, even in areas with tight curves or corners.

Another advantage of radius trench drain systems is that they are easy to maintain. The removable grates or covers make it easy to access the channel for cleaning and maintenance, and some systems even include built-in debris strainers to prevent clogs.

In summary, radius trench drain systems are an effective and visually appealing solution for managing water and other liquids in a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications. They provide an efficient and reliable solution for collecting and transporting water, and their curved design allows for efficient drainage even in areas with tight curves or corners.

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