8″ Heavy duty trench drain kit – 10 feet

8″ Heavy duty trench drain kit – 10 feet

Ductile iron grates with heavy duty concrete channel

Width:         8″

Length:        40″ (3.3 feet)

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Swiftdrain Trench Drain Series


The  8″ Swiftdrain trench drain system is best in class and price in functionality, durability and longevity. Compared to its peers; Swiftdrain has trench drains that are identical in functionality for a third of the price. Swiftdrain has positioned themselves as a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial trench drain products across the States.



  • Composed of high-performance concrete
  • Impact-resistant–20 times stronger than plastic channels
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Metal frame for secure grate locking
  • Temperature, frost, and UV resistant for a product life of 10 years+
  • Good for commercial and residential applications


Durable and Tough

Whether you need roadside drainage or drain channels in your plant floor, you can count on the 8″ System. Its concrete construction offers superior impact resistance that’s twenty times stronger than the polymer.


Secure Installation

The Swiftdrain system’s intelligent design ensures a stable and secure installation. All channels have specially engineered anchoring ribs that create better adhesion with the surrounding concrete for maximum stability. For a locking channel-grate connection, the channels have an integral galvanized steel rail that securely holds the grates in place



Smart materials and ingenuity set Swiftdrain trench drains system apart from the competition. It features the stability of a traditional concrete channel along with the many benefits of fiber-reinforced concrete like superior strength, durability, and environmental-friendliness. Designed for handling a high load capacity, Swiftdrain is a smart choice for industrial settings like parking lots, garages, and factories. Thanks to its sleek style and wheel chair, heel-friendly and plastic grate options, Swiftdrain also works well for pedestrian and residential applications.

Swiftdrain includes a range of accessories, multiple grate variations, and both neutral and sloped channels. All channels have a vertical outlet possibility for versatile installation and feature a smooth inner surface to achieve the best flow and a self-cleaning effect.

Extend systems by 10 foot increments to extend runs. Includes 1 end cap and 1 end outlet.


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