Swiftdrain 200 | 8″ wide Fiber Concrete

Swiftdrain 200 | 8″ wide Fiber Concrete

Width: 8″

Length: 40″ sections

Load:    Heavy Duty

Channel Material: Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Grate Options: Ductile Iron, Galvinized Steel, Stainless Steel


200 Fiber Reinforced Concrete Trench Drain

8″ wide fiber reinforced concrete trench drain system

The Swiftdrain 200 series is a best in class fiber reinforced pre sloped concrete trench drain system.



Made out of heavy duty fiber reinforced concrete channels with galvanized steel frames. The 200 series can be equipped with heavy duty ductile iron grates, galvinized steel grates or stainless steel grates. Suitable for load classes A, B, C, D, E.

  • For commercial, industrial and residential applications
  • 8″ wide fiber reinforced concrete channel
  • multiple grate options
  • Accepts 4” , 6″, 8″ 12″ pipe
  • Used in roadway applications, warehouses, airport hangers, breweries, forklift applications, loading docks and airports
  • Grate options in ductile iron, fiberglass, stainless steel, polymer and galvinized steel
  • Pre sloped at 1%



Fiber concrete channels with galvinized steel frames.


The 200 series consists of 33 pre sloped channels and 8 neutral channels. The system can be extended upwards of 196 linear feet. The drain can be configured with a side outlet or bottom outlet. The end outlet can be configured for 6″ 8″ and 12″ pipe.

Inline Catch Basins can be used to filter out debris before the outlet. These catch basins are seamless and are the same width of the







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Grate Specifications

Ductile Iron Grate Specifications

Encasement Detail

Encasement Detail

Installation Guide

Concrete Trench Drain Installation Guide


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Catch Basin

Swiftdrain 200 Catch Basin and Sump Pump Specifications

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