Swiftdrain 200 | 8″ wide Fiber Concrete

Swiftdrain 200 | 8″ wide Fiber Concrete

Width: 8″

Length: 3.3′ sections

Load:    Heavy Duty

Channel Material: Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Grate Options: Iron, Steel, Polymer


Swiftdrain 200 | 8″ wide concrete trench drain

8″ wide fiber reinforced concrete trench drain system

  • For residential and commercial applications
  • 8″ wide fiber reinforced concrete channel
  • multiple grate options
  • Accepts 4” , 6″, 8″ 12″ pipe
  • Used in roadway applications, warehouses, airport hangers, breweries, forklift applications, loading docks and airports
  • Grate options in ductile iron, fiberglass, stainless steel, polymer and galvinized steel


Swiftdrain 200 trench drain system overview


The Swiftdrain 200 is a best in class fiber reinforced concrete trench drain system for heavy duty loads. Grate options include ductile iron , stainless steel , galvinized steel and fiberglass.


Rated For:        Forklift Traffic, High Lows, Aircraft, All Highway Traffic


Grates:             ADA Certified , Heel Proof and Anti Slip Proof


Applications: Commercial , Industrial , Airport , Resdiential


Swiftdrain 200 Technical Specifications:


Grate Specifications

Ductile Iron Grate Specifications

Encasement Detail

Encasement Detail

Installation Guide

Concrete Trench Drain Installation Guide


Concrete Trench Drain Brochure

Catch Basin

Swiftdrain 200 Catch Basin and Sump Pump Specifications




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