Aco K100

Aco K100

Channel Length: 1 Meter
Width: 4″
Flow Rate: Max Flow
Depth: 4″ – 13″

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Aco K100 Klassikdrain


Channel Length 1 Meter
Grate Width (OD) 4.8″
Channel Width (ID) 4″
Outlet Sizes 3″, 4″
Available Depth 3.5″ – 12.5″
Max. Flow Rate 530



• Simple, fast installations, saving time and costs
• Pre sloped at .5% with multiple grate options
• Customizable design


Variety of Options

The ACO K100 Trench Drain is uniquely designed to install and perform at the highest levels. Comes with multiple grate options.

Ductile Iron Grate Specs

Stainless Steel Grate Specs



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