8″ wide ductile iron trench drain kit – 50 feet

8″ wide ductile iron trench drain kit – 50 feet


Grate Width:    8 inches

Kit Length:      50 feet

Includes:       30 grates, 30 channels, 1 end cap, 1 end outlet

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8″ wide trench drain system


  • Ductile iron grates
  • Interlocking Channels
  • Comes with one end cap and one end outlet
  • 30 sections that are 20 inches in length for a total of 50 feet
  • Components join together without couplers
  • Drain from end of outlet or built-in bottom outlet
  • Multiple channel depth and grate options available

The 8″ Pro trench drain system is continually the go-to drainage solution for driveways, parking areas and other areas. Durably made from ductile iron the 8″ Pro offers the best in class strength and durability.

Comes equipped with 30 channels, 30 ductile iron grates, one end cap and one end outlet. Everything you need for a fast and easy installation. Built to Last.

Simply choose among its many design, color, and size options to create a custom trench drain system that meets the drainage needs of your residential or commercial property.

Easy to Install

The system’s lightweight modular components allow for easier handling and installation. Each channel easily attaches together and the heavy duty grates can be fastened on with screws. This is the best trench drain out at this price point.

Cost Effective

Perfect for most residential and commercial applications. Good for driveways, parking lots and general purpose uses.


Channel Length 20″ total of 50 feet
Channel Width 8″
Grate Material Ductile Iron
Outlet Sizes 4″ S&D, 4″ Sch. 40
Grate Color Black
Max. Flow Rate 72 GPM, per foot




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