6″ wide Pre Sloped Heavy Duty Kit – 50 feet

6″ wide Pre Sloped Heavy Duty Kit – 50 feet

Length:                50 feet

Grate Width:       6 inches

Unit Length:      4 feet

Includes:            12 channels, 24 cast iron grates, 1 end cap, 1 end outlet, installation kit

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Swiftdrain 600

Best in class for all purpose drainage inside or outside. This pre sloped kit includes 12 channels, 24 grates, 1 end cap and 1 end outlet. Each channel is pre sloped at 1% for a long, smooth, continuous run. Channels have slip joints for fast and easy installation. Each channel is numbered and has an arrow to indicate the flow of water. Save time and money using HDPE channels and heavy duty cast iron grates. Perfect for any commercial or residential application.


  • Easier handling and installation than concrete systems
  • 1% pre-sloped channels maintain optimal flow rates
  • HDPE material offers high chemical resistance and durability
  • Locking Grates
  • Channels come numbered with arrows for easy install
  • Components join together with slip joints
  • Drain from end of outlet or built-in bottom outlet
  • Multiple channel depth and grate options available

The Swiftdrain 600 is the most customizable and dependable all purpose trench drains on the market. It’s continually the go-to drainage solution for driveways, parking areas, warehouses, loading docks, pools, wash-down areas, athletic fields, and other areas that experience surface run-off. Durably made from HDPE, the Swiftdrain 600 system offers the strength of a concrete trench system without the costly installation. Instead, this modular system uses interlocking 1% sloped and neutral channels–no couplers required.


Easy to Install

The system’s lightweight modular components allow for easier handling and installation. Each channel has a tongue and groove connection with tabs that hold the channels together.


Variety of Grate Options Available

The Swiftdrain 600 offers the widest selection of grating, including ADA-compliant and heel-proof options. Its plastic grates come in two patterns and seven colors–black, white, gray, dark gray, green, sand and brick red. They are rated for pedestrian and light traffic use.

Galvanized and stainless steel grates have a pedestrian and heavy traffic load rating. These materials resist corrosion and are easy to sanitize. They work great in industrial and sanitary applications like chemical plants or breweries. Other options include cast iron, ductile iron, and decorative ductile iron. When used with the optional ductile iron frame, the cast and ductile iron grates provide a Class D load rating. They allow for heavier traffic like forklifts, making them a great option for warehouses, factories, and shipping companies.


Order Details

Simply choose the length of your trench drain in feet and we will configure the slope for you. Channels come in 4 foot lengths and grates come in 2 foot lengths. Add on end caps, end outlets, bottom outlets and catch basins.



Channel Length 4 feet – 50 feet total
Channel Width (OD) 6″
Channel Width (ID) 4.5″
Outlet Sizes 3″ , 4″ , 6″
Available Slope 1%
Max. Flow Rate 65 GPM, per foot



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