6″ Swiftdrain Brewmaster

6″ Swiftdrain Brewmaster

Stainless Steel Brewery Drainage

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Swiftdrain Brewmaster



Swiftdrain 600 Brewmaster


Width: 6″

Length: 4′ sections extendable to 264′ of continuous 1% slope

Channel Material: HDPE

Grate Material: Stainless Steel

ADA: Yes

Heel Proof: Yes

Fork Lift Rated: Yes


The Swiftdrain Brewmaster is a 6″ wide pre sloped trench drain system made up of 28 different channel depths. Runs can be made from 4.25″ – 27.5″ deep.

-Slip joints for fast and easy installation

-Stainless steel grates and hdpe channel. Save on costs with an hdpe channel. HDPE does well with caustic chemicals and high and low temperatures.

-1% pre slope


The Brewmaster is a best in class and cost effective brewery trench drain for breweries large and small.

Accessories include Catch Basins, End Caps and End Outlets



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