Swiftdrain 100

Swiftdrain 100

100 – Grate: 6” wide, 1” thick, bolted with screws, anti-slip proof mesh, ½ meter each section, 2 sections to channel. Channel – polymer concrete with galvanized steel edges for added security and extra support. Perfect for forklift traffic and heavy trucks.

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The Swiftdrain trench drain system is best in class and price in functionality, durability and longevity. Compared to its peers; Swiftdrain has trench drains that are identical in functionality for a third of the price. Swiftdrain has positioned themselves as a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial trench drain products across the States.

Notable projects have included Shipyard Brewing, Immudyne labs and Tri Star Fish.

100 – Grate: 1” thick, bolted with screws, anti-slip proof mesh, ½ meter each section, 2 sections to channel. Channel – polymer concrete with galvanized steel edges for added security and extra support. Perfect for forklift traffic and heavy trucks. Will hold up for 10 years in most residential applications. Comes sloped or no slope. 10 year guarantee.

Swiftdrain Trench Drain Series


  • Composed of high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete
  • Impact-resistant–20 times stronger than the competition
  • Environmentally friendly design qualifies for LEED credits
  • Vertical outlet possibility on every channel offers versatility
  • Galvanized steel rails for secure grate locking
  • Temperature, frost, and UV resistant for a longer product life
  • Resin-free construction is rated A-1, non-combustible
  • Suitable for commercial and residential applications

Smart materials and ingenuity set Swiftdrain trench drains system apart from the competition. It features the stability of a traditional concrete channel along with the many benefits of fiber-reinforced concrete like superior strength, durability, and environmental-friendliness. Designed for handling a high load capacity, Swiftdrain is a smart choice for industrial settings like parking lots, garages, and factories. Thanks to its sleek style and wheel chair, heel-friendly and plastic grate options, Swiftdrain also works well for pedestrian and residential applications.

Swiftdrain includes a range of accessories, multiple grate variations, and both neutral and sloped channels. All channels have a vertical outlet possibility for versatile installation and feature a smooth inner surface to achieve the best flow and a self-cleaning effect.

Durable and Element-Resistant

Whether you need roadside drainage or drain channels in your plant floor, you can count on the System. Its fiber-reinforced concrete construction offers superior impact resistance that’s twenty times stronger than the competition. Plus, it’s durably built to withstand the elements, including fire. Resistant to temperature, frost, and UV rays, this system has less contraction and expansion for a longer product life. It’s also more crack- and break-resistant than traditional concrete systems, allowing for easier transport and installation.

Environmentally Friendly Design

Made from reinforced-fiber concrete or polymer concrete, this system is a sustainable, 100% recyclable way to meet your drainage needs. It’s free from VOCS or heavy metal residue that could leach into the ground surrounding the system. For this reason, it qualifies for LEED credits. A sealant groove on each channel end also creates a waterproof connection, ensuring all drained liquids stay contained.

Secure Installation

The Swiftdrain system’s intelligent design ensures a stable and secure installation. All channels have specially engineered anchoring ribs that create better adhesion with the surrounding concrete for maximum stability. For a secure channel-grate connection, the channels have an integral galvanized steel rail that securely holds the grates in place via a secure fix-connection self-locking system. Anti-sliding lugs on the grate further secure the grate-channel connection and prevent longitudinal shifting. Optional accessories include anti-vandal locking devices to ensure only authorized personal remove the grates.

Variety of Grate Options

With the Swiftdrain trench drain series, you have choices. Choose from seven different grate variations, including wheel chair and heel-friendly options. Made from galvanized steel, ductile iron, or plastic, the grates range in their load bearing rating from class A to class E. For high load capacity applications, go with the slotted ductile iron grates. They have a class E rating, making them suitable for high-speed traffic and hard-wheeled forklift traffic. Opt for the black honeycomb plastic grates to handle pedestrian traffic and add curb appeal.

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