5″ wide Garage Drain – 20 feet

5″ wide Garage Drain – 20 feet

Total Length : 20 feet
Channel Width (OD) : 5-1/2″
Channel Width (ID) : 4-1/2″
Outlet Sizes : 3″
Available Depth : 5″
Max. Flow Rate : 71.95 GPM, per foot

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Swiftdrain 5″ wide garage drain


Length 20 feet
Channel Width (OD) 5″
Channel Width (ID) 4.5″
Outlet Sizes 3″ S&D, 4″ S&D
Available Depth 4-3/4″
Max. Flow Rate 71.95 GPM, per foot


Includes: 6 channels (40″ sections), 12 cast iron grates (20″ sections), 1 end cap and 1 end outlet. Total length of 20 feet. Each channel easily connects together for quick and easy installation. Comes with heavy duty ductile iron grates that last. Perfect garage drain solution.



  • Alternative to traditional concrete drains
  • Interlocking joints allow for simple assembly and installation
  • Modular design lets you create custom layouts
  • Easily connects to existing pipes and fittings
  • Designed to withstand concrete expansion and contraction
  • Components resist fading and cracking from the sun
  • Chemical-resistant and rustproof for long-lasting use
  • Heavy Duty Ductile Iron Grates


Lightweight and Durable

The drain system features a watertight and structurally compact polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride construction. This lightweight plastic composition is not only durable, but it also contains UV inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking in the sunlight. Thick channel walls and side ribs in the design further add to each component’s durability. Given its plastic construction, these trench drains work best for pedestrian use like on a sidewalk or patio.

Simple Installation

Its innovative design and interlocking components allow for fast and easy install. The channels have a clip-in feature for creating simple and secure channel-to-channel connections. These trench drains also use interlocking joints instead of traditional coupling. Designed for hardscape installation, the joints can withstand concrete expansion and contraction. Rebar tie-clips are included too for easy attachment to rebar stakes for anchoring.

Range of Options

With the the Sierra 5, you have choices. Choose from a range of colors, widths, lengths, and depths. Deep drains work best for heavy flows while shallow drains fit best in slabs or other areas with little fall depth.

Modular Design

Featuring multiple size options and an interlocking design, this drain system offers flexibility. The channel sections snap together to create longer runs or divided down to four-inches for smaller sections. The series also connects to sewer drainpipes and fittings or SCH 40 pipe and fittings easily. Plus, you can connect side and bottom outlets anywhere along the channel run. You’ll have no trouble creating the custom layout your home or business needs.

For Commercial and Residential Use

Perfect garage drain and residential solution.



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