Pre Sloped Trench Drain

Swiftdrain 600

6" wide pre sloped trench drain system.


  • Comes in 4 foot sections to easily extend runs
  • Slip joints for fast and easy installation
  • 28 channels with .7% slope, 8 neutral channels available
  • Catch basins, bottom outlets, 3" 4" 6" 8" and 12" pipe connections
  • Depths from 4.25" - 28"
  • HDPE, Fiberglass, Ductile Iron and Stainless Steel grates available
  • Decorative, ADA, Forklift Rated and Heel Proof slot styles
  • Channels hold up well with caustic chemicals and high and low temperatures


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Pre Sloped Trench Drain Systems


The in-floor drainage system plays a vital role in any facility including parking lots, warehouses, or loading areas. It helps in managing the flow of the surface water and redirecting it to keep your floor dry and clean. It is an excellent way to remove excess water from outdoor areas. In simple terms, it provides a widened surface for water to drain from a particular area such as sidewalk, driveway, or similar area where water usually gathers. Pre sloped trench drains are linear drainage applications that are pre pitched at .5%, 1.0%, 1.5%, or 2%. The channels are externally sloped and get deeper as the run the continues. 



HDPE Pre sloped Trench Drain Systems

There's a wide assortment of in-floor drainage systems available. And, one of the popular options to consider are pre sloped trench drain systems This system provides more stability, is easy to install and requires less maintenance. In fact, you’ll get your money worth spend when you invest in a pre-sloped trench drain. Pre sloped trench drains decrease on site installation error, decrease handling costs and labor hours.






What is a Pre sloped Trench Drain System?


When it comes to the in-floor draining system, your floors must have a slope that allows water to flow to the drain channel. It is where the pre-sloped trench drain system comes in. With this system, you need a two-sloped floor to let it work properly. You can use this system for outdoor and indoor commercial, residential, and industrial applications as well.

 Sloped trench drains can solve linear drainage problems by joining HDPE connecting channels that are sloped one degree per foot. These channels are numbered with arrows so that you know which one connects to which and thus make installation easy and fast.

Pre sloped HDPE channels usually come in 4 foot sections. Channels are individually numbered and go in sequence. Generally, built in slopes range in .5% - 1%. Channels are externally sloped, where each channel is slightly deeper than the one that precedes it. Channels have slip joints and fasten together to extend runs. 

Pre sloped concrete trench drains usually come in 3.33 foot (1 Meter Sections). Channels are but together and lined up sequentially. Each channel is deeper than the one before it. Pre sloped concrete trench drains are good for commercial applications. 




If you want a reasonable amount of water to be drained, you’ll require a minimum of a 4 inches drain to prevent flooding in the area. However, before starting the operation, make sure the surrounding areas are protected to avoid an influx of removed material onto the property. 


Once your trench is dug, place required pieces to connect to waterways, storm sewer or similar areas. After placing the drainage system, install grates properly. Following this, make sure to repair any damage or clean up to the turf grass, road surface or other surface material to make sure a smooth transition from the drain surface. You can even contact professionals to get pre-sloped trench drain installed in your facility. 







  1. Easy to install


Externally sloped systems are easier to install. It doesn’t require different slopes or leveling on site,this makes installation faster and easier. In several cases, it also allows retrofitting of draining systems rather than ripping up the floor. 


  1. Flexible to work in any facility


Better both in outside or inside the parking area or any facility. The reason is it has no limitation when it comes to usages. It just requires a slope to keep water flowing. The system is quite flexible and can work in any facility and situation. 


  1. Require Less Maintenance


Another advantage is it requires less maintenance. In fact, the water with waste will go through the drainage channel to the basin fastly because of the pre-sloped features.


  1. Works in Several Areas


These drains are not restricted in its applications. Whether you need a drainage system inside or outside the facility, these are an ideal choice. Since it has a slope, it helps water to flow in the right direction. It is undoubtedly an effective solution for sports facilities, parking areas, driveaways, warehouses, pools and loading docks. 



Choosing the Right Product


Although there are many options available to choose from, nothing can compare to the original pre-assembled and pre-sloped trench drain. The different grate options include: 


  • Cast iron for medium-duty applications
  • Plastic for light-duty applications
  • Ductile iron for more heavy-duty applications. 


Most drains are easy to retrofit into prevailing construction. Moreover, it also comes with the self-cleaning and flush system that minimizes the need for maintenance as well. Apart from this, it is compliant to ADA, and the exposed part is made of highly-durable stainless steel, which makes it bacteria-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and capable of Class F loads. 

By definition, water should generate enough momentum in a trench drain to reach the outlet.  For longer runs and lower volume applications a slope will aid in desired water flow.  Pre sloped trench drains can solve most linear drainage problems with easily joining HDPE connecting channels which are usually sloped 1 degree per foot or .7%.  The channels come numbered with arrows so you know which one connects to which for fast and easy installation.  There are different grate options one can choose as well.  Generally speaking, plastic for light duty applications, cast iron for medium duty applications and ductile iron for more heavy duty applications. 304 and 316 stainless steel can also be used for environments for prone to high temperatures and chemical agents.  For areas with high fork lift traffic, such as breweries and food processing areas ductile iron frames can be implemented for added strength and durability.

There are a few manufacturers out there that produce the pre sloped trench drain.  NDS, Polycast, Josam and Swiftdrain all make reputable products.  Filcoten which recently upped their US marketing efforts this past year makes a durable system with 3 different classes, the Filocten 100, Filcoten 200 and Filcoten 300, perfect from anything to breweries to airports.

When designing the system application.  Keep in mind a few things.  Where will the catch basins be? Where will the system start and end.  Also, a combination between neutral and sloped channels can be used for larger runs.  Added accessories such as sediment trash buckets and ductile iron frames can also be used to reach desired specifications. Trash buckets are placed like strainers inside the catch basin.  They can easily be removed to empty out debris and replaced.  Ductile iron frames are placed on the channels and the grates sit on top of the frames.

At Swiftdrain we’ll design and plan your trench drain system.  We issue free CAD plans with every quote.  We represent all the top manufacturers and can find and plan a trench drain system that will last for years to come.  There are a few other companies out there, but we don't play around when it comes to drainage.


Popular Manufacturers


  • Swiftdrain
  • Josam
  • Polycast
  • NDS



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