Warren Air Force Base

Swiftdrain Provides Trench Drain Systems for Air Force Base Warren in Wyoming

Swiftdrain, furnished six customized drains that are critical to the operations of Warren Air Force Base. Approached by contractor Cobb Mechanical, Swiftdrain provided innovative drainage solutions for this critical military base located in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

In addition to the fiber reinforced concrete trench drain, Swiftdrain delivered a custom 23-inch wide frame and grate cast iron system. This system was installed on a specially designed concrete channel with a fuel-resistant coating on the grates. With a total length of over 150 feet, this trench drain system provided a robust solution for effectively managing water and other liquids, while the fuel-resistant coating ensured compatibility with the base’s operations.

Some of the key benefits and impact made by this new system include: more efficient water drainage, improved drainage system durability and longevity, customized fuel resistant solutions, and enhanced safety features to ensure a secure work environment.

These effective drainage solutions, including a combination of fiber reinforced concrete trench drain systems and a custom 23-inch wide frame and grate cast iron system, showcasing their ability to meet technically specific drainage requirements. Swiftdrain’s products contributed to the efficient functioning and safety of the base, ensuring a successful collaboration with Cobb Mechanical and Air Force Base Warren. To learn more, read the case study/request a copy of the case study