Residential Driveway

8" wide residential driveway trench drain system in Ohio

This residential driveway trench drain was a replacement of an existing steel grate trench drain that was starting to wear and fail.

The steep slope of the driveway toward the garage caused the existing trench drain to pool and fail.

We designed a pre sloped trench drain to match the elevation of the existing invert reducing the overall project cost.

The homeowner chose an 8" wide fiber reinforced concrete trench drain with heavy duty ductile iron grates.

The homeowner was able to install this trench drain along with a friend. 4 sections created a garage trench drain spanning 13.2 linear feet.

Location: Ohio

  • 8" wide fiber reinforced concrete channels
  • 8" wide heavy duty ductile iron grates
  • .7% pre sloped channels
  • 8" pipe end outlet