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Swiftdrain is pleased to announce the successful completion of a drainage system project with Shipyard Brewing. Founded in 2016, Swiftdrain has already become a prominent player in the drainage systems market.

Shipyard Brewing is the tenth largest micro brewery in America. They have recently announced a multi-million-dollar redevelopment project that involves the creation of a new brewery hotel. Swiftdrain was a part of a drainage system project at this redevelopment site. Swiftdrain’s product pre-sloped heavy duty stainless steel trench drain system and catch basin was used with complete satisfaction by Shipyard Brewing for this project. Successful execution of this large scale project will certainly add value to the credential of a company that has just completed one year in the industry.

“Shipyard Brewing is a great company to have worked with and the success of this project affirms Swiftdrain’s commitment to the stainless steel and brewery markets,” said Ankit Sehgal, the Founder of Swiftdrain. “The success of this project, including planning, design, installation instruction and execution demonstrates our core offering and further defines our footprint in the brewery and stainless steel market space.”

“Swiftdrain designed, implemented and executed a drainage system in record time, these guys are fantastic to work with” said Fred Forsley, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Shipyard Brewing Company.

Offering sustainable drainage systems in cast iron, steel and polymer, Swiftdrain has made noteworthy progress within their limited lifespan in the industry. Some familiar names amongst their satisfied clients include Rancho Paradiso, Louis Vuitton, and the Town of Darien, C.T. The company manufactures their own line of sustainable drainage systems for commercial and residential applications.

Swiftdrain Founder Ankit Sehgal has a background in manufacturing, finance and international trade. Prior to the inception of Swiftdrain, he was one of the first investors in Dividend Finance, a solar finance firm that has recently merged with Figtree.

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  • Location: Portland, Maine
  • Year Completed: August 2018

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