Orion Amphitheater

12 inch wide, fiber reinforced concrete trench drain system with heel proof grates

Product: 300 Series
Location: Huntsville, Alabama.
Length: Approximately 300 linear feet
Width: 12 inch wide

Swiftdrain was contracted to provide a drainage system for the parking lot and walking areas of the Orion amphitheater in Huntsville, Alabama. The challenge was to create a drainage solution that could withstand heavy foot traffic and vehicular loads, handle large volumes of water, and be easy to install and maintain. All delivered in under two weeks.

To meet these requirements, Swiftdrain provided roughly 300 linear feet of trench drain system for the project. Using a combination of 12-inch wide fiber reinforced concrete trench drain systems with heel-proof grates and 6-inch wide HDPE trench drains. The use of fiber reinforced concrete added strength and durability to the system, ensuring it could handle heavy loads without cracking or breaking. The heel-proof grates provided added safety for pedestrians, ensuring that high heels and other types of footwear would not get stuck in the grates.

SwiftDrain worked closely with the construction team to ensure that the drainage system was installed correctly and efficiently. They provided training and support to the maintenance team to help them maintain the system properly and ensure that it continues to function effectively for many years to come.

The drainage system provided by SwiftDrain has proven to be highly effective in draining water away from the parking lot and walking areas of the Orion amphitheater. It is durable, reliable, and cost-effective, and has helped to prevent standing water and potential damage to the concrete surface. The combination of fiber reinforced concrete trench drains, HDPE trench drains, and heel-proof grates has created a drainage solution that meets the requirements of the project and ensures the safety of pedestrians.

  • 12 inches wide
  • Fiber reinforced concrete
  • Approximately 300 linear feet
  • Heel Proof