Kentucky State Park Airport

Kentucky Dam State Park Airport Airport went with an 8" wide heavy duty concrete trench drain with ductile iron grates

Kentucky Dam State Park Airport was a job that consisted of 242 linear feet of heavy duty trench drain system.

This fiber reinforced concrete drainage system was furnished pre sloped at .5% and composed of two linear runs.

The hangar drainage system was made up of one continuous run of 75 linear feet and one continuous run of 167 linear feet.

The 200 series heavy duty trench drain system was placed by the hangars of the municipal airport.

Swiftdrain assisted in designing the layout, furnishing a shop drawing and providing all materials for a successful installation.

Location: Gilbertsville, Kentucky
Date: 2021

  • Heavy Duty Class E
  • Ductile Iron Grates
  • Pre Sloped
  • Reinforced Edge