140 Executive Drive SE Calhoun

Warehouse and Manufacturing Facility located in Calhoun, Georgia

140 Executive DR SE Calhoun Georgia is the home of Polymer Solutions Group, Phoenix Chemical, Surya Carpets and other manufacturing and warehousing firms.

The project specified a trench drain system suitable for forklift rated traffic.

This counter directional trench drain system consisted of 4 trench drain runs. The runs consisted of a counter directional flow, where half the drain segment drains from east to west and the other half from west to east. Each trench drain had a bottom outlet for an 8" pipe outlet.

The 200 series installed is an 8" wide fiber reinforced concrete trench drain system with heavy duty ductile iron grates. Rated load class E suitable for forklift traffic.

8" of concrete is poured on either side of the channel and below the channel to achieve this load class.

  • Counter Directional Flow
  • Forklift Rated
  • Fiber Reinforced Concrete Channels