Pool Deck Drain Product Considerations

Pool Deck Drains and Trench Drain Systems


When you have an in ground pool, making provisions for proper deck drainage is a logical progression. Your pool deck is prone to collecting water, making it a slippery zone for children and adults alike.




Typical Pool Stainless Steel Slot Drain System


Importance of Proper Drainage

The water standing on your pool deck needs a safe exit. An ineffective pool deck drain creates puddles, and with the excessive moisture present, that area soon develops ugly stains and mold. Besides the water your pool splashes while in use, even rain and other outside sources can contribute to the slippery mess.


When you have a raised planter box or a downspout in the vicinity of your pool, these add bacteria, dirt, and unwanted debris. In the absence of a trench drain, pool water may drain off from your patio into your adjoining landscaping. Excessive water may drown your plants, wash away the soil, and carry back muddy water into your pool.





Types of Drainage Systems


pool deck drain is commonly available in these varieties:


  • Strip or trench drains are long metal grates with narrow slots that cover a trench-like structure. The water that flows in is directed away from your patio.
  • Spot drains work best for free-form decks as you can place a few of these singular contraptions where water tends to accumulate. Here, PVC piping is used to connect multiple spot drains to each other.
  • French drains have a drain pipe attached to the end of gravel-filled pits. Wherever pool decks end in landscaping, these serve their purpose well.


An existing trench drain collects water from one point and transfers it to the desired location. The majority of this drainage application is professionally installed underground, such that these unsung heroes effectively evacuate surface water.




Signs Your Drainage System Needs Redoing


An integral component of your in ground swimming pool is its drainage system. The listed signs point towards immediate redoing of your poorly functional drainage:


  • The presence of standing water where you cannot afford to have any, invites accidents along with bacteria, mold, and debris.
  • Water from your pool deck is not draining out into a location that can absorb all this moisture.
  • Visible rust or cracks developing on your drainage system could lead to an eventual breakdown.
  • Frequent flooding of your landscape because of exposure to an overdose of water.


The slope of your pool deck should point away from your home and pool to keep both these structures safe from water and debris. Since your pool deck drain is meant to divert water from your patio to another location, choose a quality one from a reputed supplier. The essential considerations while making this choice include:




Scope for Customizing


Each pool and deck is unique, so you need a drainage system that suits your layout. Drains that come in varying lengths can be customized to your requirement by pairing them with corner pieces. Pipes with left and right attachments help you direct the water in a way that best works for you.




Ease of Installation


Installing your deck drain in relatively shallow channels around your pool is more convenient. You do not need a professional excavator to dig deep trenches when drain components fit snugly in shallow slots. Even if it involves a bit of grading and pouring some concrete, the entire installation process is far more achievable.




Use of Quality Material


Your pool deck drain should come with the necessary accessories for installation like couplers, protective tape, and nail clippings. When made of quality non-corrosive material, the drain itself is resistant to UV rays and regular wear and tear.




Facilitate Cleaning


Installing a drain grate or cover that sits flush against your deck prevents accidental tripping. Moreover, covers with relatively small openings make it challenging for debris to sneak into your drain. A protective drain lid that can easily be removed and shields your drain from unwanted debris makes it easy to clean these channels periodically.


You get decorative trench drain grates made from different materials to complement your pool deck design. Select one which can withstand prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and does not buckle under the pressure of patio table legs or lawn chairs.


NDS offers functional pool deck drains with watertight construction to suit your specifications. Invest in a quality drain that has a guaranteed warranty so you can make the most of your heavenly pool.




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