Polycast Trench Drain Systems

Polycast Trench Drain Systems


The Polycast trench drain line has been at the forefront of leading drainage manufacturers for quite some time. Based in Lenoir City, TN, Polycast was formed in 1981 and specializes in polymer concrete and fiberglass drainage systems for a variety of both indoor and outdoor applications. Polycast installations include professional sports stadiums, airports and numerous industrial facilities around the United States. Offering a wide range of lines suitable for most residential and commercial applications. Polycast makes it easy to choose the right drainage system for any job. Each line is highly customizable with the ability to optimize the drain to fit most site and user requirements. The polycast line consists of the 400, 500, 600, 800 trench drain models.




Made of a high strength, chemical resistant, composite material, Polycast drains offer a high degree of chemical resistance and have a water absorption value of less than one percent (ASTM C140). Polycast Polymer Concrete is more than four times stronger than ordinary Portland Cement Concrete, simplifies installation and lowers overall costs.


• Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications

• Rapid drainage and durability

• Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles (ASTM C666)

• Offers superior versatility with 24” and 48" components

• End Outlet, Bottom Outlet and Catch Basin configurations


The type of outlet for a drain will greatly affect the drain’s performance. Whether using a pipe outlet or a catch basin, the outlet should be sized to handle greater or equal flow capacity of the trench drain. This will ensure that flooding does not occur.




Chemical Resistance

For highly corrosive drainage situations, POLYCAST® manufactures drainage components with DERAKANE 470 Vinyl Ester resin. Trench drains may also be ordered with Vinyl Ester fiberglass grating and corrosion resistant locking devices. Vinyl Ester drain systems are ideally suited for handling most highly corrosive fluids. These are ideal for use in areas where EPA pollution control requirements dictate that manufacturers concentrate and collect these corrosive materials.

Temperature Resistance

Certain applications require a liquid at elevated temperatures be drained into containment areas. These applications may include industrial plants, breweries, and food processing facilities. All POLYCAST drain systems are rated for 120°F continuous service. When higher temperatures are required, vinyl ester channels may be substituted which are rated for 180°F continuous service.



Polycast 400

The POLYCAST trench drain 400 Series is a versatile residential surface drainage system with a precast polyester polymer concrete trench and a tight-fitting galvanized steel grate. The steel grate is bicycle, wheelchair and pedestrian resistant and will support light vehicular traffic under 20 miles per hour. The precast trench and grate is available in 2 foot and 4 foot lengths. Every 4 foot unit has a 4” pre fabricated bottom outlet cutout for pipe outlets. Solid outlets and drain end caps are available for 3” PVC standard schedule 40 pipe. Budget friendly, durable, sleek and aesthetically pleasing the POLYCAST 400 Series is the perfect drainage system for tennis courts, swimming pools, walkways, patios, garage entrances, etc. Use with Installation Chair DA0634. Grate hold-down device DA0642 is recommended.

Channel Length:              48"
Channel Width (OD) :      5″
Channel Width (ID) :        4.25″
Inlet Depth:                      4.5″
Outlet Sizes:                    3″, 4"





Polycast 500

The POLYCAST trench drain 500 Series Deck Drain System is designed for a variety of above grade applications requiring drainage of incidental water run-off. The 500 Series is a shallow profile drain, measuring with an outer diameter of 48” x 6.25” x 2.5” and inner diameter of 48” x 4.25” x 1.75”. It is designed to be installed in suspended slab applications, such as parking structures, pool deck areas, and many other thin slab applications. The precast sections are made up of 4’ lengths. Each section has a 4” pre fabricated bottom outlet for pipe outlay. The POLYCAST 500 Series is available in either polyester or Vinyl Ester polymer concrete. The polyester polymer concrete is used for most drainage applications. Vinyl Ester polymer concrete is used for high corrosive and high temperature applications. The 500 Series drains are designed for pneumatic tire traffic only. Grate hold-down device DA0542 is recommended.

Channel Length:              48"
Channel Width (OD) :      6.25″
Channel Width (ID) :        4.25″
Inlet Depth:                      1.75″
Depth (OD) :                    2.5″
Outlet Sizes:                    4″





Polycast 600

The POLYCAST trench drain 600 Series is a pre sloped System is designed and suited for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. It is designed to have flow rates equal to or greater than, most larger poured-in-place trench drains. With the proper components, flow rates of exceeding 450 GPM are attainable. The precast trench sections and grates are made up of 2’ and 4’ lengths. Customizable 4’ channels and all 2' channels have 4” bottom cut-outs for pipe bottom outlays. The POLYCAST 600 Series is available in either polyester or Vinyl Ester polymer concrete. The polyester polymer concrete is used for most surface floor drain applications. Vinyl Ester polymer concrete is generally inert and non reactive is utilized for corrosive and extreme temperature fluctuations. Frames are available for use with hard wheel traffic.

Channel Length:             48"
Channel Width (OD) :     6.25″
Channel Width (ID) :       4.25″
Available Slope :             0.7%
Max. Flow Rate:              475 GPM
Outlet Sizes:                    4", 6"




Polycast 800

The POLYCAST trench drain 800 series is well suited for those high volume situations that exceed the capacity of the 600 Series. The 800 Series Channel is nearly double the width of the standard 600 Series channels. The 825 Section is a neutral channel with interlocking slip joints for a fast and easy connection. The 825 channel is designed for areas of high volume cross-flow interception, or areas where the larger cross-section is necessary. Channels can also be used as a corrosion-resistant, secondary containment system.

The 825 channel is available in either polyester or Vinyl Ester polymer concrete. The polyester polymer concrete is used for most drainage situations; the Vinyl Ester polymer concrete should be used for highly corrosive situations or higher temperature applications. All POLYCAST® 800 Series gratings, except the fiberglass grating, are 2’ long with two grates required for the 4’ channel. The fiberglass grate is 4’ in length. The iron grates for the 825 channel come with secure bolt devices. The bolts fit threaded inserts in the channel bearing ledges. The bolts are recessed to fit below the grating surface. Three different end caps are available for the 825 channel. The closed end cap is designed to fit either end of the channel. Drain end caps fit the downstream end and can be ordered with a 6” or 8” pipe stub. The flow rate of the 825 channel varies with the slope of the installation.

Channel Length:             48"
Channel Width (OD) :     12″
Channel Width (ID) :       8″
Inlet :                              13-5/8″
Depth (OD) :                  14-5/8″
Outlet Sizes:                  6" and 8"



Accessories and Catch Basins

Polycast Trench Drains come with a wide variety of accessories to optimize and ease installations. Accessories include grate brackets, channel brackets, installation chairs, grate hold down devices, end caps, end outlets, channels with pre fabricated bottom outlets and catch basins.