Permeable Pavers and Maintaining Natural Drainage Elements

Design and Functionality Overview



permeable paver



Length: 24"

Width: 24"

Thickness: 1,.5"



Permeable Pavers have three innovative features that distinguish it from the competitors: easy-to-install clips allow for quick installation, domed drainage outlets promote free movement of water, and a webbed cell design makes it compatible for grass applications.

New Clip Design:  paver panels feature a sturdy clip designed to make top-down installation easy. Simply place the male clips of one panel onto the female clips of the adjacent panel and push down to lock in place. This new clip design cuts installation time in half when compared to the old model. Additionally, the new clip design allows for both a traditional square application and an offset configuration for increased shear strength. The traditional square application allows for flexibility when being used on hillsides and the offset configuration prevents the pavers from separating when under stress from a heavy load from, for example, a fire truck.

Webbed Cell Design: Permeable pavers are designed with a webbed cell that keeps fill material in place, lifting the cells while still creating an environment that allows for root growth through the cell. This makes the paver ideal for grass applications. Additionally, the new webbed design provides stability for installation on slopes allowing stakes to be driven ribs.

Domed Drainage Outlets: The unique domed drainage holes in the cell wall of the paver allow for lateral movement of water and nutrients. This feature allows water to drain quickly making the paver ideal for use on rooftop gardens or sports field drainage so water can drain downwards and also laterally.

Recommended Applications: Fire lanes, emergency vehicle access roads, truck maintenance and equipment yards, construction entrance soil stabilization, truck & cart wash-down areas, RV & boat access and parking, residential driveways, parking lots, overflow parking lots, roadways shoulders, runoff areas, equestrian parks, and erosion control.




Key Take Aways:

Permeable Pavers are made of hdpe or rubber composites. These gasket like materials are placed under grass and the natural landscape of a site. When excavating, building or enhancing a location it's best practice to use natural drainage techniques as to not disrupt the natural drainage ecosystem.

Permeable pavers are useful when used with swales and peaks to mitigate pooling and create a natural drainage system.




24" x 24" x 1.5"


Compressive strength at 86,563 lbs.

Tongue and groove clips that minimize the paver mat separation and make for quick installation.

120 hexagon cells per paver


Benefits: Maintains native soil and allows for roots to develop. Fosters the natural topography growth of native grass systems and natural drainage elements such as swales. Great for schools, tracks and fire stations where contractors may want to drive heavy trucks over it while empty. Other permeable paver grass systems have to be filled with sand. Our pavers enable root growth and is 3x stronger in compressive strength at 60,000


Gravel Paver:

Horse Farms, Fire Lanes, Schools, Tracks, Fields, Stadiums, Golf Course, Universities, Grass Systems, Agriculture, Landscapes, Residential, Commercial, Municipal Applications.



The strongest paver in the industry.