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Serving quality, saving money and time

Swift Drain water solutions is the absolute market leader in the field of drainage systems, trench drain and waterworks. Headquartered in Long Island, operating across the US, we bring drainage solutions custom fit to your need, ranging from loading docks and stadiums to farms and patio drainage systems.

Driven forward by our motto: we are not in the business of serving people trench grates, but we are in the business of trench grates serving people, we take pride in providing the highest quality product, with the lowest prices and the best customer service available.

Swift Drain Inc. was founded in 2013 by Ankit Sehgal, the leading expert in the waterworks, drainage and construction industries, who invested 10 years of experience in realizing a vision of a company that would transform the drainage systems business by crafting a union of highest quality, best prices and the shortest turn-around-time.

Our company was rebranded in 2017, while preserving the principle of developing strong, consistent and trusting relationships with partners as well as meeting and exceeding industry standards.


Past projects as examples of excellence 

‘’Let your work speak for itself: If great, it will shout. If genius, it will sing.’’ 

The melody of Swift Drain water solutions success is composed by creating superior drainage systems all over the US. Some of the projects that we have worked or consulted on range from large scale endeavors like Randals Island, JFK Airport, Brooklyn Battery Bridge tunnel, over loading docks and Universities to residencies across the US. All that and much more, besides developing thousands of product specifications. We take pride in the fact that all of the places we mentioned are now a standing showcase of our work excellence.

Our expert team, constantly driven forward towards delivering quality makes sure it’s not just about installing drain covers and drain grates in order to create the perfectly functioning trench drains or loading docks drainage systems.

We strive to understand and exceed our customer’s needs. Backbone of Swift Drain Inc. is the excellence of our work, supported by a fact that we didn’t have a single product malfunction since inception.


Why us?  

Swift Drain Inc. came to be because we recognized a void in the trench drain and waterworks markets that was costing the customers both money and time. Companies were overcharging for brand names. Custom replacement grates were taking too long to manufacture. Products just wouldn’t last, they would break, jiggle and rust.


We set out to fulfill this void, guided by a few key company core values:

Price, price, price!  

We are proud to have most competitive prices in the drainage system industry. Our philosophy dictates that just because you need something right away and we happen to have it or happen to be able to make it, doesn’t mean we’re going to overcharge for it. 

Regardless of whether you’re after a single replacement cast iron grate, specific decorative drain grates, fiberglass grating, a certain number of drain covers, a complete loading dock drainage or anything that makes a drainage system, we know the value of finding a good price for a hard to find product.

That is something our customers recognize as well, enabling us to stay ahead of the competition.    


We keep it fast. Most products and sizes we can get to you next day. If it’s something that needs to be made, give us a call with how much you need, what the sizes are and we’ll make it fast.

We at Swift Drain Inc. strive to champion the needs of our community by treating our customers, as we would like to be treated. We know that time is of the essence when it gets down to business and we waste none of it.


No complicating, no fuss. Our customer service professionals will make your path towards a drainage system you need surprisingly quick, easy and pleasurable.

We know what’s it like to keep calling and not be able to find the proper size. Or to be puzzled by a lot of the same prices between national distributors. 

That’s where we come in- keeping in mind: price, time and ease.


Company mission

We make surface water drainage problems quickly go down the drain using customer education, highest quality products and work excellence at lowest prices.

Swift Drain water solutions expert teams, led by the founder Ankit Sehgal, continue to pursue a vision of serving the community through work excellence, supreme quality and timely deliverance, as well as keeping the costs real. It is a vision recognized by our partners and customers through building strong, consistent and trusting relationships. Success we encountered over the years motivates us to continue on our path of rising company standards, setting trends for others to follow and changing the drainage systems industry to better serve those in need of trench drains and water solutions.  

Flawless drainage systems are not just something we do. Water solutions are our passion and our life’s work. When you think of drainage systems, think Swift Drain Inc. because we have it all.

Cast iron grates for airports, stainless steel grates for breweries, decorative drain grates for courtyards, loading dock drainage, plastic grating for tracks and stadiums, trench drain systems for farms, residential areas, and much, much more.

We are here to help you find a reliable product at the right price. Regardless if it's a few replacement grates or a few hundred feet, we will provide a quick solution through superior product selection, without stepping over your budget.  


How to get started?  

Either order some of our more popular products through our web page, give us a call at 516-647-2672, or email us at info@swiftdrain.com or fax us at (kidding).

We’ll go over your options, find solutions and get you a quote. We’re headquartered in New York, distributing in all 50 states.