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New York Trench Drain leaders. We are the leader for trench drain products in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.  Whether it’s a heavy duty trench drain system for a warehouse, residential driveway drainage system for your home, stainless steel brewery drain for your brewery or plastic drain system for your vets office, we have you covered.  Often imitated but never duplicated, we proudly serve the tri-state area and our products can be found on streets, highways, parking lots, warehouses, bridges and tunnels across the states.

Swiftdrain carries an array of grates and drains for any drainage solution.  A few things need to be considered when choosing the right drain.

  • Do I need a specific load requirement? What things are going to be driving over the drains. Trucks and Forklifts need to be made out of stronger material than trench drains being used for pedestrian only areas.
  • Do the drains need a special grate? If there is pedestrian traffic, you may want to consider ADA grates or heel proof grates so people don’t get injured. ADA stands for Americans with Disability Act and the hole sizes on the grates themselves are smaller than that of a crutch so people using crutches can safely make there way over the drain.
  • What material do I need my grates to be? Different applications call for different materials. Iron and steel can bear greater loads than plastic.  In breweries its best to used stainless steel so the drains do not react to the harmful chemicals and corrosives that are used in breweries.  In pedestrian areas, one can get away with using plastic.  It’s a more cost effective option than metals. New York trench drain requirements vary from municipality to municipality so call us to discuss your project requirements.

These are some of the common questions when running down your checklist, you can always feel free to give us a call and we can figure out the right product for the application you have.

Fun Fact:  Members of our staff have consulted on trench drain projects that are found from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel in New York to the Army Corps of Engineers in Pennsylvania.

Buy local, stay local. Proudly serving New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Let us know your New York Trench Drain requirements.

Our office is conveniently located in New York with distribution centers in New Jersey and Connecticut.  Feel free to give us a call and we have next day free shipping on most orders. Your leader for New York trench drain.

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