NDS Dura Slope

The NDS Dura Slope Pre Sloped Trench Drain System

When it comes to pre sloped trench drain systems, the NDS Dura Slope is an ideal choice for most residential and commercial trench drain projects.   This pre sloped system offers a high degree of customization with 25 pre sloped channels, 9 neutrals and a catch basin.  The channels are made of durable HDPE and can be coupled with a variety of grate options including plastic, cast iron, ductile iron, galvanized steel and stainless steel. The Dura Slope is suitable for load classes A, B, C, and D. From pedestrians, to cars to forklifts. The channel has anchors for rebar and can be configured with a bottom or side outlet.





The NDS dura slope is one of the most successful and versatile in its price class.  The system consists of 33 channel sections, 24 pre-sloped sections with a .7% slope and 9 neutral sections.  The system also has a catch basin with option trash bucket.  The trash bucket is easily removable for fast and easy debris disposal. The channels come numbered with arrows and connect together with slip joints for fast and easy installation. Complete product specifications can be found here NDS Dura Slope Specifications

The NDS dura slope channels come in 4 foot (48") sections, with grip #3 and #4 rebar brackets. This gives the drain added support and prevents it from floating during the concrete pour. The channels have grate brackets allowing for easy placement of a wide range of 6" grates.  Dura slope channels are pre sloped at .7% and can achieve depths from 4" to 27" including the catch basin.

Dura slope has been used in applications including airports, breweries, tracks, warehouses, homes and parking lots.  Because of the ease of grate interchangeability, there's a right grate for any job. The sloped channel sections enable the Dura Slope system to reach lengths of 96 feet with continuous slope.  The use of neutral channel sections can be implemented and used hand in hand with the pre sloped channels to reach lengths of upwards of 125 feet.  If planned out properly, and maximizing placements of catch basins and outflows, the dura slope can reach lengths upwards of 250 feet.

The ease of connectivity between channels and Profit locking system enables a high level of system effectiveness and adds a level of support.  The EZ track class adds couplers which can make this sloped trench drain application sufficient for radius, perimeter and circular applications such as pools and enclosures.

This is a basic intro to the dura slope by NDS.  If you have any questions or want to do a comparative analysis, reach out.


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