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NDS Trench Drain

NDS is a leader in trench drain supplies and at TDM we are proud to be distributing their products. Their trench drainage lines break down into a few different categories:

-Channel Drain
-Pro Series
-Dura Slope

The NDS trench drain channel drain series are categories of smaller drain channels ideal for small residential applications such as back yards and patios
The Pro Series has 4 different sizes, 3” wide, 5” wide, 8” wide and 12” wide. Both cast iron or plastic grates can be used in this series depending on the load bearing requirement. The pro series also has shallow or deep profile drains depending on expected water flow.

The NDS trench drain dura slope system is a sloped trench drain system. The 6" Dura Slope by NDS is one of the most customizable plastic trench drains available for commercial projects. It’s a lightweight HDPE drainage system, and has great chemical and load resistance. Its four foot modular channel sections offer neutral and 0.7% slopes with rounded bottoms, allowing for easy diversion of water or any other liquids. Each channel has a 4" bottom outlet knockout that allows for advanced customizability and design
Dura Slope channels hook together without couplers, making it quick fast and easy to install.

Recently NDS trench drain product portfolio introduced Filcoten. A concrete type channel system for heavy duty applications with grates that go into E and F range. Perfect for airport and forklift applications.

The great part about NDS is their versatility of grates. They have plastic, steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, cast iron and ductile iron options in decorative and ADA finishes. Pretty much a grate for any job.

We stock and carry all NDS products and distribute NDS products across the country. We offer the lowest prices on NDS products and have free shipping across the country. Give us a call today to price out your next job. Or Check out swiftdrain.com for more info.


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