Linear Shower Drains

Everything You Need to Know About Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drains

If you’re searching for a drainage system for your commercial or residential project, you may like to consider investing in linear shower drains from swiftdrain. Linear shower drains are perfect for projects or areas where a large amount of water regularly needs to be drained away. They have a greater surface area than center drains, making them perfect for swimming pools or areas where there’s likely to be flooding due to storms.Swift Drain manufacturers good quality stainless steel linear shower drains in a variety of styles. These drains are widely used in swimming pools, showers, wet rooms, patio, driveway, or balcony drainage. Made with stainless steel, these drains are durable and long-lasting. This article will look at the benefits of choosing a linear shower drain.



The Benefits of linear shower drains


When it comes to drainage, you’ll want to consider the drains durability and flow rate, as well as how much maintenance is likely to be required. Linear drains are a great solution as they cover a wider surface area and can be installed in wet room, showers, and swimming pools. The drains can be installed on a slope, encouraging the water to drain away and reduce the likelihood of puddles forming.



A flexible solution


Linear shower drains are a flexible solution as they can be installed anywhere in the shower. They are most commonly positioned at the entrance of the shower or against the wall. Tiles can be laid right up against the drain.

Linear shower drains help to create a modern look, which is also functional and affordable.



Comes in a variety of types and lengths


Linear shower drains supplied by Swift Drains come with a stainless-steel grating and a siphon trap. Drains are available in a selection of styles and lengths. They can even be customized to suit your project.

If you’re looking for a linear shower drain, you’ll be able to choose from multiple cover styles, which will allow your drain to be more in keeping with the rest of your project. Swift Drains linear shower drains are not only functional; they also look beautiful. These shower drains can be installed into various materials, including concrete, timber, tiled floors, and vinyl, marble, or stone floors.



Linear shower drain style


Whether you’re looking for a linear shower drain in a traditional style with a slotted design or want something a bit more decorative, Swift Drain will have the perfect solution for your project. Linear shower drains are available with circular drainage, slats, or a more decorative finish.



 Stainless steel is durable


Stainless steel is a hard wearing material that doesn’t rust and is long-lasting. It’s a non-corrosive material and is often considered to be the best material to use in a shower room. Stainless steel doesn’t discolor as it’s resistant against oxidation.

Stainless-steel is also commonly used in drains as it can withstand a large amount of force and pressure. It’s durable and doesn’t suffer from wear and tear as it can cope with everyday use.



Easy to clean


Linear shower drains are very easy to clean. They can be cleaned using soap and water. They also have a removable debris collection basket and can be emptied easily to prevent pipes from clogging.



Create a barrierless entrance


If you choose to install a linear shower drain, you’ll create a barrier-less entrance to the shower. There won’t be any step to get into the shower, making it easier to use for people who have mobility issues or are wheelchair users.


Affordable and convenient


Linear shower drains are very convenient; they are simple to install and available in a selection of styles. They are a cost-effective solution to commercial building projects and accommodation businesses but are also increasingly being used in residential properties.



Linear Shower Drains by Swiftdrain


Linear shower drains supplied by Swiftdrain are manufactured using stainless steel and are solid and robust. They are long-lasting, require little maintenance, and work for years without leaks. If you’re interested in installing a linear shower drain in your shower or swimming pool complex, don’t hesitate to contact Swift Drains for more information. The company has a wide selection of drainage solutions available and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

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