Filcoten Fiber Reinforced Concrete Trench Drain System

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Swift Drain is a trench drain systems company that has offices in New York, California, and Texas. Our company serves residential, commercial, and municipal clients across the US and specializes in high-quality products and custom designs. For peace of mind, Swift Drain also offers direct customer support in case of any technical issues.

Swift Drain carries a variety of leading trench drain equipment suppliers such as NDS, Josam, Polycast, and Filcoten.



Filcoten Trench Drain Systems specializes in high impact resistant grates and accessories to provide customers with superior trench drain durability. This high-performance range of trench drains is also 100% recyclable and contains no harmful substances to prevent the leaching of heavy-metal substances.

Not only are Filcoten products impact-resistant, but the company's range of trench drain systems are also designed to be resistant to hot and cold temperatures, UVs, and frost. Hot and cold temperatures often cause trench drainage systems to expand and contract, respectively. However, Filcoten's temperature and UV resistant products prevent this phenomenon, which, in turn, prevents damage and increases longevity.

Filcoten drain equipment is perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The firm's products are also available in fiber-reinforced concrete, which enables the drain to withstand extremely heavy loads. Filcoten's fiber-reinforced concrete trench drains are perfect for use in factories, parking lots, garages, and railway stations, as well as residential properties.

All Filcoten trench drains are rated A1 by NDS, meaning these products are non-flammable and non-combustible. Filcoten trench drains also feature anchoring ribs and are free of molding agents in order to improve support and stability and extend the lifetime of the products.

Swift Drain also stocks a range of Filcoten of grates and accessories, including Grade A to E load rating grates and antivandalism locking devices.

Filcoten Tec 100 Trench Drain System


The Filcoten Tec 100 Trench Drain System is suitable for residential buildings, large commercial developments, parking lots, and industrial properties. From the NDS Filcoten Trench Drain Range, the Filcoten 100 Trench Drain requires the smallest amount of water for management. The system is also made from entirely recyclable and non-flammable materials, and effectively captures and conveys stormwater to protect your property from the adverse affects erosion and standing water.

The Filcoten Tec 100 has a 4"/100mm wide channel body and accepts a 4-inch pipe. This market-leading system also features a slot-top grate, which is carefully designed to be handicap accessible and maintain a sleek appearance.

The system is available in a variety of channels, ranging from Channel 0 to Channel 10. Customers can also opt for galvanized rail or neutral sections.

Filcoten Pro 200 Trench Drain System


The Filcoten Pro 200 Trench Drain System is the perfect option for residential and commercial projects. Also made from 100% recyclable and non-flammable materials, this larger system can accommodate an 8-inch pipe.

The wide channel body of the Filcoten Pro 200 Trench Drain System is 8”/200mm in size and features four-point bolting grates, which provide secure anchorage.

This system is available in galvanized rail and neutral sections and is sold in the following channels:

  • Channel 0
  • Channel 1
  • Channel 2
  • Channel 3
  • Channel 4
  • Channel 5
  • Channel 6
  • Channel 7
  • Channel 8
  • Channel 9
  • Channel 10
  • Channel 20

Filcoten Pro 300 Trench Drain System


The largest available NDS Filcoten Trench Drain System made with fiber reinforced concrete is the Filcoten Pro 300 Trench Drain System. Also suitable for residential, commercial, industrial, and parking lot use, this highly-durable, and non-flammable system features a 12”/300mm wide channel body and accepts an 8-inch pipe.

Similar to it's smaller counterparts, The Filcoten 300 Trench Drain also features a slot-top grate for easy accessibility and four-point bolting grates, which provide unrivaled security.

Swift Drain currently offers the Filcoten Pro 300 Trench Drain System in Channels 0 to 10, and the system is available in galvanized rail, neutral, and pre-sloped designed to cater to your project's individual needs.

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