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How long does shipping take?
Generally, 3-5 days for stock items. Most items are on the ground at several of our distribution facilities across the United States. We can schedule same day pick up or same week shipping on most orders and common sizes.
Where do you ship?
We ship all over the States and can ship worldwide.
What width should I use?
This depends on the project, but anything from 6”-12” can handle most typical use cases. For pool applications 3" is usually used. For residential and driveway drains 5", 6", 8" and 12" widths are normally used. For commercial applications 6", 10", 12" and 14" wide systems are usually used. For heavy duty applications, 8" and up. For most applications a pre sloped 6" wide, 8" wide or 12" wide would be more than sufficient.
Do I need a sloped system?
This depends on the length of the run. By definition, trench drains will drain from the "end cap" to the "end outlet" or "bottom outlet". For longer runs, pre sloped systems are used to give the water some added momentum. Slopes are usually .7% but can be increased or decreased by adding "neutral" channels. Neutral channels do not have any slope and are used to extend runs upwards of 250 linear feet. Catch basins and bottom outlets can extend trench drain runs upwards of 1000 linear feet.
What is the difference between a trench drain system and pour in place?
Trench drain systems are preformed, often made of HDPE, Fiberglass, Polymer Concrete, Fiber Reinforced Concrete or Stainless Steel. Pour in place trench drains is a method used that employs forms and a U channel is formed and a concrete encasement is poured in place. The grates are placed on top of the poured structure with or without frames.
What pipe should I use?
This depends on the water flow requirements and outfall. Outlets have attachments for 4", 6", 8", 12", and 14" pipe. Generally, a schedule 40 pipe is used. Our channels can be configured bottom outlet, side outlet or with a catch basin. Catch basins have debris baskets and filter buckets that can be removed to clean leaves or any other buildup.
What is a catch basin?
A catch basin is a product used at the end of a trench drain run to filter out debris and or other sediments before the water or other liquid outfalls. Catch basins can be "rectangular" or "inline". A rectangular catch basin is a trap that is 12" x 12" or 24" x 24". These catch basins usually have 4 side entry points. "Inline Catch Basins" are traps that have the same width has the trench drain being in installed but run much deeper into the ground about 27.5" deep. The inline catch basin has 2 pre fab side outlets and a stainless steel removable sediment trap. The grates are the same width as the trench drain and come in 6" , 8" and 12" wide.
Do you accept returns or exchanges?
We accept returns within 10 days of purchase. We must be notified within 2 days of purchase. We want you to be completely happy with your order. There will be a re stocking fee for larger commercial and municipal projects. Please call us at 646-227-0910 for more information. More details can be found on our policy page. Please note while we do accept complete returns, we are unable to take back unused parts from an order. Visit Policy and Returns.
How do I make a right angle or T junction?
Right angles can be mitered on site. We have details to show you where to make your cuts. T and Y junctions can be pre fabricated or also mitered on site.
What prevents the channel from floating during the concrete pour?
Lighter weight channels made out of polymer, hdpe and fiberglass have anchors for rebar. Heavy duty channels made out of concrete have installation chairs or mechanical anchors which are pre built into the channel. As the concrete encases the channel during the pour it fills and blankets these articulated groove in place anchors. They're like gills on a fish.


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