Decorative Tree Grates

Tree grates are an excellent way to maintain trees and add an aesthetic touch to the surrounding areas. Tree grates come in various sizes and designs and are made in heavy duty cast iron. Cast Iron tree grates are designed and intended to last for decades. Tree grates include frame and grate systems.


Neenah foundry tree grates



Neenah Foundry designs and manufactures a wide selection of beautiful cast iron tree grates and guards. The company can create customizable tree grates in various shapes and sizes to meet your specifications and can add your city, neighborhood, or company logo to the tree grate.

Tree grates are traditionally used in urban areas to protect trees that are growing on sidewalks or landscaped areas. They add a touch of sophistication to landscaping projects and allow you to tile right up to the grate. Installing a tree grate enables the tree to receive the moisture they require to stay healthy.

Tree grates are commonly used in landscaping projects such as downtown streets, suburban neighborhoods, or attractions such as stadiums or amusement parks. Neenah Foundry has a wide selection of tree grates available, so you’ll be sure to find something that meets your needs.




Tree grates manufactured by Neenah Foundry



Incorporating trees into your landscaping project adds a touch of greenery to an urban area. Tree grates help to protect young trees that are still growing but can also be used to safeguard mature trees. There are many benefits of installing a tree guard from the Neenah Foundry’s range.


Adding trees to a landscaping project, especially if the area has a heavy footfall or is likely to become a public gathering place, brings many benefits. Trees provide shaded areas for the public to enjoy. They also help to muffle noise pollution and are visually pleasing. Trees can reduce the effect of strong winds and provide a much-needed home for wildlife in urban areas. They also encourage biodiversity and help to improve air quality in cities. The Metropolitan Collection is a perfect choice for an urban landscape.


A tree grate protects the roots of trees and surrounding soil from damage in busy urban areas. The grates are designed to allow trees access to moisture, light, and air, which helps them thrive. Rainwater can run down the pavement into the tree grate, water the tree, and keep the surrounding area free from puddles.


While the grates allow water and sunlight to circulate around the tree’s roots, the holes are narrow, so as not to allow litter and other debris to build up underneath to grate. This helps to keep the area cleaner and allows the trees to remain healthy and beautiful.



NFCO tree grates







Neenah Foundry’s tree grates are constructed using cast iron, as the grates are always outside, they have been constructed using weather-resistant materials. Cast iron is a very durable material that is long-lasting and won’t fade, warp or rust over time. NFCO tree grates have been designed to withstand foot and vehicle traffic. The tree grates are black or charcoal gray in color and can be treated or left to develop a red-tint as oxidization takes place.






The functionality of tree grates doesn’t depend on their shape. Neenah Foundry creates different shaped grates to fit in with your project’s specifications. They can be a rectangle, square, or circle. You can also have a tree grate made in various colors; however, most people choose black. This is because black will fit in with most landscape designs and will have a clean appearance. You can choose either a traditional, subtle, or decorative design.



Cast-iron tree grates are available in a selection of shapes and attractive designs to be in keeping with any paved landscape. Sidewalk paving can be laid right up to the tree grate, helping to eliminating tripping hazards.



Neenah Foundations tree grates are finished in a colour that will blend into the surroundings. If you’re looking for a traditional tree grate for a historical area, the Adirondack Collection may be right for your project. This attractive grate is available in a circlehexagon or square design.



If you’re searching for a one of a kind tree grate the distinctive collection is for you. This range can be personalised to meet your exact specifications and is available in a wide range of shapes and styles. Decorative tree grates can be designed and manufactured by Neenah Foundry to fit in with the aesthetic of your landscaping project.


It’s important to plan ahead so that your trees growth isn’t limited, make sure that you buy the correct size of tree grate and choose a product that has removable centre rings. This will allow your trees and landscape design to grow and develop over the years without stunting tree growth.




Common Tree Grate Sizes:


4' x 4'

5' x 5'

6' x 6'

8' 8'

3' x 2'