Channel Drain

ABC-s of Channel Drains

Channel drains
are used to divert water, debris or liquids linearly to an outlet. Depending on what you need, you can get either full channel drain kits, grates with frames or even grates by themselves. channel drains can also be sloped to divert water back to a location, according to what best suits your business or your home. If you’re not sure what would be the best fit for you, our customer service is there to help. We have all the answers when it comes to drainage systems.        

Channel drains come in a variety of product lines for residential and commercial drainage systems, with channel drain grating made from different materials ranging from cast iron and steel to HDPE, plastic ductile iron, bronze and aluminum. They can be as simple as a plastic channel drain grate for an animal enclosure or highly aesthetic like decorative aluminum finished grates for a courtyard or streetscape. channel drains can also be strong enough to hold the weight of airplanes!





Where are channel drain systems needed?          

Where there is a need for water, debris and liquid diversion, there is a need for
drainage systems. We construct superior channel drain systems to prevent water from pooling up, as well as linear drains or channel drains to put the water in the right place.    

Channel Drains generally have hdpe, fiberglass or polymer channels with polymer, cast iron or steel grates. Typical widths are 4", 5", 8, and 12" wide.


A couple of things to keep in mind, while ordering 

While ordering, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure selecting the best
drainage systems product to fit your needs.  

Weight requirements

It’s very important to know weight requirements of the grate or the load bearing capacity you’re after. Weight requirements vary significantly, depending on the purpose of drain grates. For instance, channel drain grates for an airport or loading docks require significantly greater load bearing capacity then patio channel drains or grating for a pedestrian walkway. This also goes for the material you want the drain grates made of. For instance, plastic or HDPE grates are a good choice for pedestrian walkways, while ductile iron or cast iron grates are best used for parking lots and loading docks drainage systems.  

Grate style

Choosing the right grate style for your drainage system is important both practically and aesthetically. You need to consider whether your grate needs to be ADA or heel proof, or in case your project calls for aesthetics, go for decorative drain grates and choose a design of drain covers with a bronze or aluminum finish.  

If channel drain should be sloped

Do you need the channel drain to be sloped? By design, channel drains are smooth in channel and have a circular bottom, enabling a perfect water flow. However, in cases insufficient water flow momentum is expected, a sloped drainage system can be used to give it the extra force it needs and nudge the water back to the outlet.





Need help? Give us a call!

If you don’t know exactly what would work best for you, leave it to our expert teams. We will estimate your project requirements; go over your options and find top quality solutions. We’ll help you choose the right reliable product at the lowest price possible to provide your business or residence the perfect
drainage system custom fit for your needs. The excellence of our water solutions is our guarantee of quality, supported by a fact that we didn’t have a single product malfunction, ever.       

If you're having trouble finding the right size of a product you want, or you need it custom made, just give us a call. Most likely, we have it stocked and in the off chance we don’t, will have it made under a week. That includes custom sizes too.        

If you have questions on drainage system solutions, or just want to go over your options and consult, give us a call. When we say Swift Drain has best customer service available, we mean it.    

Either order some of our more popular products through our web page, give us a call at 646-227-0910, or email us at [email protected]. We’re headquartered in New York, distributing in all 50 states, always at your service, striving for excellence in providing perfect water solutions. 

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