Aco Trench Drain Systems

The ACO Trench Drain Systems Line


ACO trench drains has been a global leader in the polymer concrete trench drain market for years. ACO Drain systems consist of manufactured modular trench channel units made from durable polymer concrete composites and fiberglass. Aco trench drains offer a series of trench drain grates in steel, iron, galvinized steel, polymer and ductile iron. The drains are available in 2", 4", 8" and 12" widths.




Aco residential and commercial lines consist of:

  1. KlassikDrain
  2. PowerDrain
  3. Brickslot
  4. FlowDrain
  5. SlabDrain

The Aco Trench Drain line has a variety of grate options to choose from and can satisfy the most technically challenging drainage issues. Technical details are discussed further in the Aco trench drain catalog. Aco trench drains are made of factory manufactured modular channel units made from corrosion resistant polymer concrete. Aco has grates from a variety of materials for all loading applications. The channels are available with a built-in slope up to 150 feet of continuous feet.

  • offers a wide range of grates for applications from Load Class A to Load Class F.
  • boasts the QuickLok locking system which provides an added layer of security for the grates.
  • comes pre-sloped .6% to provide over 95 feet of continuous slope.
  • integrally cast-in galvanized steel edge rail provides additional strength and protects channel body from damage.
  • polymer concrete - a durable, yet lightweight material made from polyester resin binder reinforced by mineral aggregates and fillers. It provides up to four times the compressive strength of cement concrete.
  • profiled side walls - strengthening pillars and frost keys provide channel body strength and mechanical keying to surrounding concrete.
  • comes with arrows on the sides of the channel indicate flow direction and ensure channels are installed correctly.
  • 4" internal width trench system - meter (39.37") and half meter (19.69") channel. 'U' shaped bottom improves flow hydraulics.
  • pre fab bottom outlets


  • features PowerLok system to secure the grates.
  • u-shaped bottom of each channel improves flow hydraulics and prevents backup.
  • side walls of each channel are profiled with strengthening pillars.
  • The cast-in iron edge rail provides shock absorption and protection.
  • recesses in the iron grates fit round lugs on the edge rail, preventing movement and shifting.
  • uses ductile iron gates of Load Class F or Load Class E
  • made from polymer concrete
  • pre fab bottom drill-outs for draining along the system.
  • interconnecting end profiles allow easy and effective joining of channels.
  • pre sloped .6%
  • flared slot prevents debris being trapped and blocking the opening.
  • brick pavers fit directly against the slot. For light duty pedestrian applications, pavers can be set on sand; for heavier duty projects, pavers should be set on concrete.
  • fits directly into the K100S channel grate recess.
  • units are fitted with QuickLok for easy assembly to the channel unit.
  • minimal recess opening
  • pre sloped 1.0% channel
  • made of fiberglass - a lightweight material that is made from polyester resin binder reinforced by glass matting and fibers
  • Interconnecting end profiles allow easy and effective joining of channels.
  • bolted grates fixing directly into the steel frame.
  • nelson studs attached to the frame act as anchors to secure channels into the encasement of the concrete and minimize floating.
  • snap-fit studs hold channel body securely to frame and minimizes floating.
  • installation brackets for rebar
  • galvinized steel edge
  • available in 100mm, 200mm and 300mm widths
  • for site areas with depth restrictions this low profile drain has a low depth threshold and can be used with minimal excavation.
  • channels have metal edges.
  • variety of grates is available in different materials and styles up to load class G or 30 tons.
  • pedestrian rated heels and wheel proof grates with certified slip ratings to AS 4586.


The Aco Brickslot comes in Brickslot 100 and Brickslot 200 variations. Available in galvanized steel or grade 304 stainless steel in 3.33 feet sections. The slots offer a minimal reveal and blend in with pavers and paving joints. The center or offset slots prevent debris from being trapped. The Brickslot 100 uses the KlassikDrain K100/KS100, MembraneDrain, or SlabDrain 4" wide channel drains. The Brickslot 200 uses the KlassikDrain K200/KS200 8" wide trench systems. The Brickslot allows for a maximum paver depth of 3 1/8"




The Powerdrain comes in S100 (4"), S200 (8") and S300 (12") variations. Made of polymer concrete and offering ductile iron grates this drain is suitable for parks, malls, commercial properties, walkways, courtyards and other high wheel load applications. Perfect heavy duty trench drain for warehouses, parking lots and loading docks.


S100: 4" wide

S200: 8" wide

S300: 12" wide

PowerDrain S100, S200 and S300


• 1-40 slope system

•  0.5% pre-slope

•  Developed V-shaped profile for max flow

•  Knock outs every 5th channel, bottom

•  Installation device and chairs

•  Visible channel markings

•  4", 8" and 12" internal width

•  Slotted or longitudinal (ADA) grate available in cast iron and steel

•  In-line catch basin available, deep and shallow




The Slabdrain is meant for low profile applications where minimal digging and excavation is required. The shallow profile drains have minimal depths of less than 5". The grates variety is especially useful for pedestrian applications. Grates are ADA, slip proof and heel proof. The Slabdrain is made of polymer concrete pre sloped channels.


H100K- 4" wide

H200K- 8" wide

H300K- 12" wide

SlabDrain Overview

  • Heavy duty poymer concrete channels
  • Low profile for shallow site requirements
  • Anti slip pedestrian rated grates
  • Locking mechanism and bolt down features

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