Everything You Need to Know About ABT Trench Drain Systems

If you're reading this, you are probably dealing with some wet and soggy issues right now. You may not even know if your problem is stemming from groundwater issues or surface water. What you do know is that you need a drain, and you needed it yesterday.

You may know that trench drain systems are best used to capture the groundwater and remove it effectively. Trench drains will take out the water before it even gets a chance to saturate the ground heavily. Slit drains use very narrow trenches in limited space filled with sand, gravel, and pipe to eliminate water from any grassed surface.

You need a swale trench if you want to get rid of surface water. One of the most reputable trench drain products offers the most affordable prices while also providing robust and resilient service. The ABT trench drain system provides it, and it is something you want to know about.

Because the next time you need a trench drain water management product and solution, you need to check out the ABT Trench Drain System.

Trench Drain



The trench drain is a drain that takes advantage of gravity and is sometimes lined with concrete. You'll notice these types of drains occasionally when you see a steel grate or other filters placed on top of them. They are often covered up to help keep them clear of any excess debris and clogs and keep people safe who are walking in and around them.


But when you need one, how do you decide what kind of drain to get? Should you get a trench drain? Or maybe a French or Slit drain is better? The problem is you're not entirely sure what each of the drain systems provides for water problems.


Trench drain systems are used first and foremost divert all the excess water accumulated in on location away from the surface. Inevitably, when you have flooded sidewalks, parking lots, building basements, and driveways, this is the type of drain you want. Most people don't realize trench drains are also used around pool edges to capture the water's overflow and direct the water to whatever section of the yard, street, or parking lot the water will drain to.

ABT Trench Former and PolyDrain Systems


Most business property owners insist on having trench drains in their multi-level marketing garages, basements, high traffic walkways, and main entrances in and out of their building. ABT trench drain systems offer some of the newest and most reliable drain systems around.

ABT has designed and manufactures some of the best trenches and drains on the market. There are a select few swift and trench drain products and service companies that offer ABT Trench Former and Polydrain Systems. Most product and service companies try to provide facts, measurements information, and product diversity within their website pages.

The ABT Trench Former and Polydrain systems are reputable and coordinated to best meet the projects' needs in what they do and how they do it.

ABT TrenchFormer



There are three different types of ABT trench former drain systems. You have the TrenchFormer TFX, TrenchFormer MHD, and TrenchFormer XHD.

#1 - ABT TrenchfFormer TFX


The ABT Trenchformer TFX is a cast-in-place concrete forming system. It offers you customized forming sections that allow you to determine your width, depth, shape, and slope based on your project's specifications. Because you're able to specify your precise dimensions, the result is high precision offered in a monolithic trench.


The monolithic trench is straightforward and streamlined when installing and is faster if you compare it to any other traditional hand-formed cast-in-place channels. This occurs when you take the concrete former out before allowing the trench to be used. You're then able to look over the dimensions, precision, and determine if the quality is up to your project's standards.

#2 - ABT TrenchFormer MHD


Most of the time, it is industrial and road projects that need the ABT TrenchFormer MHD. The TrenchFormer MHD works for those trenches that require a lot of depth with unique flows built into them. TrenchFormers MHD can deliver the flexibility you need for the challenges you're dealing with on your project.


An ASTM A-36 steel frame is what maximizes your load transference, and it uses encased concrete to assist with the needed specifications. An extra benefit is to access some attractive grate designs that still provide strength and streamlined inflow maintenance. It can perform in project areas that you know need the designed look without sacrificing any project needs.

#3 - ABT TrenchFormer XHD


Ports all over the world use the ABT TrenchFormer XHD for its very exacting forming system. This is one very heavy and durable grate, and the XHD system allows for every component to be able to handle whatever the exacting requirements the engineers find is needed. This will be used in many seaports and intermodal facilities, but it's also commonly found in airports.


The non-rigid pin-lock system keeps the longitudinal and vertical retention. This helps the sturdy frame design hold maximized load transfers. This system can cover a large area and minimize the risk of any concrete shear failure below the frame.


It is considered a top-tiered system and is very cost-effective for the streamlined and durable features it provides your project.

Heavy Duty Trench Drain


Ultimately whether a trench drain is massive or lightweight. They are linear systems used to collect and convey water runoff. This water runoff can come from stormwater or other surface liquids found in and around any home or business. But a heavy-duty trench drain has fiber reinforced concrete or polymer concrete channels that help give its added strength dimension.


That means they work really well in parking lots under heavy cars, on pavements with trucks, or loading docks, as well as airports with planes and forklifts. They can withstand the weight of a tractor-trailer and are built to last for years. They can even collect snowmelt without any issue, even with the most caustic chemicals impacting it.


The heavy-duty trench drain is one of the most versatile and robust water management product solutions. The heavy-duty drain trench has also been tested over and over again. Engineers do testing for project managers to understand the test results and then count on them to withstand whatever water problem they have seamlessly.

The Polydrain


The ABT Polydrain is a concrete trench drain system modular in design and uses a precast polymer concrete. The Polydrain trench system was designed to provide chemical resistance even while being employed with top-tier hydraulic performance. It is used with precast polymer concrete projects to obtain the Polydrain benefit from its more accurate construction specifications at a lower installation cost.


The personnel labor skills don't need engineers or designers after the project is defined and detailed. The project manager can select one of the six different types of ABT Polydrain.

#1 ABT Polydrain PDX


The precision the Polydrain PDX provides projects can combine its remanufactured polymer concrete with flexibility due to its cast-in-place construction. Basically, the Polydrain PDX can handle structural or hydraulic loads even while fighting against caustic chemicals' effects. Most of the time, the Polydrain PDX features tongue and groove joints, with the alignment capacity being both precise and sealed between joints.

#2 The ABT Polydrain Paver Grate


When you're seeking discreet draining that works with the stone, brick, or design of a path, road, or any targeted project use. The ABT Polydrain Paver Grate is heel proof, and ADA verified. It typically has a 5/16" opening.

#3 The ABT Polydrain Shallow


When projects need an economical polydrain system, the ABT polydrain shallow is the way to go. The ABT polydrain shallow is not only economical but a dependable water draining product solution. There is some initial cost, but it will outlast its concrete slab trench drain family members when given serviceable design loads.


It has to be correctly installed, but it is worth the precise installation due to its long and serviceable life.

#4 The ABT Vectordrain


The ABT Vectordrain isn't a typical concrete trench drain system, and it is economical and ADA compliant as a slot drain channel. The ABT Vectordrain offers projects clean lines and a narrow profile. Because it has a polymer concrete inlet, it can withstand the harshest project environments.

That's why this is the trench drain that is used for the pedestrian traffic that is heavy and constant. This is a very cost-effective solution trench drain solution that has an almost invisible and seamless appearance.

#5 The ABT Interceptor A-67


Most highway projects use what's often called the quintessential trench drainage product solution. The ABT Interceptor A-67 is a premier roadway drainage system. It is one of the most impactful and beneficial ways to limit hydroplaning and speed on road conditions dealing with standing water, sheet flow, or inlet bypass problems.

The ABT Interceptor A-67 has integral frames with a grate that is able to handle traffic and even snowplow blades making it very useful and efficient.

#6 The ABT Interceptors Super Slope Trench Drains



The ABT Interceptors Super Slope Trench drains that are proper upgrades to the PDX. The enhancements were made to the integral frame and grate. That makes the super slope a good match for any project that needs a traversing grade or if there is a need for extra inflow capacity.

Due to the Interceptors Super Slope Trench Drains design, which includes a flanking inlet structure, projects receive the water solution benefits. The project benefits include limiting inlet bypasses so they can have reduced costs because not as many systems are needed.

Commercial Trench Drains


All of the above trench drain names and names are used most of the time in commercial trench drains. Commercial trench drains are considered to be used in commercial projects. This includes but isn’t limited to parking lots to highways; stormwater runoff bypasses, commercial properties, pools, and more.


When you want to keep cleaning agents and their harmful fumes away from workers, you can use the heavy-duty trench commercial drains as a solution that fits both the project and personnel safety. Even industrial units that have an ongoing manufacturing process that needs heavy-duty commercial drains due to their abilities ensure hygienic conditions. OSHA is happy with the sanitary conditions of the workplace being met.


That means OSHA knows that your project is taking care of the harmful chemicals being drained safely and effectively in a way that prevents the percolation residue from going into the ground.

Your Next Project May Need the Benefits of Using an ABT Trench Drain System


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