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Founder and President

Ankit Sehgal



Ankit Sehgal is the Founder and President of Swiftdrain.

Under Sehgal's leadership, Swiftdrain has grown into a global manufacturing, distribution and trench drainage supply company.

Sehgal founded Swiftdrain in 2017, and it is now a leading firm in the building materials and infrastructure products industries, guided by four core values — price, feasibility, quality and customer success. The company has been recognized as an approved manufacturer by various Public Works Agencies and engineering firms. Building a different kind of company, Sehgal created Swiftdrain to not only develop quality drainage systems, but also to have a positive impact by doing so.

Before launching Swiftdrain, Ankit Sehgal spent 10 years at Amercast.

He received a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Tulane University, where he is still active with alumni and student affairs.

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